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Main Atal Hoon Review Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is known as the leader who rekindled nationalism in a nuclear way. He worked very hard for the development of the country.

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movie Name: My Atal Hoon
Producers: Vinod Bhansali, Sandeep Singh, Kamlesh Bhansali.
Director: Ravi Jadhav
Story, Screenplay, Lyrics: Rishi Virmani, Ravi Jadhav
Editor: Bunty Nagi
Music: Salim- Suleman, Payaldev, Kailash Kher, Amit Raj.
Actors: Pankaj Tripathi, Priyush Mishra, Dayashankar Pandey, Pramod Pathak, Raja Sevak.
Run Time: 137 minutes
Rating: 3/5

Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is known as the leader who inculcated nationalism to the core. He worked very hard for the development of the country. He ended his life as a bachelor. Suffered from a terminal disease. Finally he passed away due to the same disease. The first term served as the Prime Minister of this country for only 16 days. After a period of two years, he won the election and served as the Prime Minister of the country. Schemes like Golden Quadrilateral and Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana were introduced during Atal Bihari Vajpayee's regime. Ravi Jadhav made the film My Atal Hoon with the intention of conveying the same Atal Bihari Vajpayee to the present generation.

Story: Ravi Jadhav produced the film based on a book written by journalist Sarang Darshan on Atal Bihari Vajpayee's biography. Ravi Jadhav has attempted to uncover the true dimension behind moderate politics in India through this film. How did the young Vajpayee who grew up on the banks of the Yamuna River in Delhi become a poet? How did such a person emerge as India's alternative politician? How could he bring a party with two members of parliament to power at the centre? The story of this film is a collection of Pokran nuclear tests, criticism of Indira Gandhi's regime and some other things that have not been seen in Vajpayee's life.

How is the movie?

Ravi Yadav earlier said that the film is based on the book written by Sarang Darshan. Ravi Jadhav, who created the role with Pankaj Tripathi, seems not to care about the other characters. Chekudu could not tell why Vajpayee who came from a traditional family suddenly liked globalization.. But the director succeeded in telling how Vajpayee's liberal ideas were opposed in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. The director has taken a lot of time to convey Vajpayee's personality to the audience.. Especially when a person listens to Jawaharlal Nehru speaking on the radio when independence comes. When Vajpayee asked the man what he was saying, he replied, I don't understand anything. That is, the director said through that scene that an alternative political need regarding the country was born in Vajpayee's mind. It seems that the director has taken some liberties with the movie instead of taking the usual details in the book written by Sarang Darshan. In several scenes, the director tried to say that Vajpayee was a liberal democrat and a man with Hindutva ideology. But the director could not tell what Vajpayee's feeling was about Gandhi. How did Vajpayee's friendship with his best friend Sikindar Bhakt develop? The director could not say what Sikandar's role was in his political journey. But the director mentioned two controversial aspects of Vajpayee's life. Vajpayee cleaning the surface of the Babri Masjid a day before its demolition, his speech in Lucknow, the communal clashes and riots, and Vajpayee's later expression of remorse are cleverly shot by the director. He was able to make the audience understand. But it is remarkable that the director shows that there is nothing wrong with Vajpayee. The director has shown the relationship between Ekta Kaul Raj Kumari and Vajpayee very well. But the director could not show why the conflict between the two of them. The director did not mention Vajpayee's opponents in Jan Sangh and Sangh Parivar like Bal Raj Madok and Datto Pant Tengadi. The discussion that took place when Vajpayee spoke about the Ramalaya movement, and the words spoken by Vajpayee on the Mandal Commission report, is nowhere mentioned by the director. Vajpayee's criticism of Veera Gandhi, why he wants to build a Ram Mandir? Why Congress party hates Vajpayee? It seems that the director has focused on the irregularities that happened during the reign of Indira Gandhi. The viewer can understand that the director has made this film from a pro-BJP perspective in the context of the notification for the parliamentary elections. The director famously mentioned topics like Pokhran 11, Kargil war, bus journey to Lahore, Golden Quadrilateral project. But it is remarkable that the director has not shown the friendship between Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani anywhere in this movie.

Who did it and how?

Pramod Mahajan, Sushma Swaraj and APJ Abdul Kalam acted as So So. The average viewer of the film will understand that the director has not focused much on these characters. It must be said that Pankaj Tripathi who played the role of Vajpayee lived. Can't imagine anyone else for that role except there. Ravi Jadhav had flashes here and there in this film but could not sustain it in the final stretch. Basically, this movie is made from BJP's point of view.. People of that category may like this movie.

Bottom line: Atal biopic from BJP perspective

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