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Martin Luther King Review: Martin Luther King Movie Full Review…

Let's try to find out the extent to which Martin Luther King's movie has entertained the audience even if it's Sampuranesh Babu's movie that was released today..

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Martin Luther King Review: Every week many Movies come out in the film industry and get good success. Among them, some Movies come with a different plot and become super successful while entertaining the audience, while some other Movies fail to achieve success and fall flat. In a similar order, let's try to know to what extent Martin Luther King's movie entertained the audience even if it was Sampuranesh Babu's movie that was released today…

First of all, when it comes to this story, one caste lives in the north and another caste lives in the south. The elders of this town marry people from both castes and rule both castes equally. In this order, his elder wife has two sons named Jaggi (Naresh) and his younger wife Loki (Venkatesh Maha). And when will there be quarrels between them. The village becomes stronger and the people of the village destroy all the roads and toilets in the village. In the same order, Eddodu (Sampurnesh Babu) makes a living by sewing shoes with the child who is with him. Only then will he open an account to hide the money. In this order, a voter card will also be issued in his name. At this time, Sarpanch elections will be held in the village. And in this time both of them get equal votes, so the story of this movie is who will vote for Eddo who has got a new voter card…

Let us know how this movie is through a brief analysis.

This movie was opened as a remake of the Tamil movie Mandela. It must be said that the director of this movie, Pooja Kollur, has done this movie very well. He handled the satirical movie in the political genre very well and without deviating anywhere, he made the Movies amazingly engaging till the end. Hats off to Pooja in this regard, because to deal with such a subject, one should have at least three or four Movies experience. But she handled the film very sensitively and achieved success…

When it comes to the performance of the Actors in this movie, Naresh and Venkatesh Maha also have fun fighting on behalf of their caste, which is an additional attraction of the movie. And in the character of Eddodu, Sampuranesh Babu has generated a new kind of comedy in this movie beyond his previous Movies like Koonji Matta, Cauliflower, and Hrudaya Kejal. We can see a new dimension in his acting in this movie, so it must be said that this movie is going to be a decent hit while entertaining the audience.

It must be said that Deepak Yaragera, who worked as a cinematographer for this movie, has provided very wonderful visuals. This film was made in a very grand manner within the director's budget.

Pooja Kolluru, the editor of this film, directed and edited it himself. Every audience who saw the film felt that it would have been better if there was a little sharper cut in the editing. As the writer of this movie, Venkatesh has given great dialogues. I have to say that this movie has been done very well as a comedy as a political satirical movie… especially now that there are elections, this movie will connect very well to everyone…

The plus points of this movie are the performance of the artists. It must be said that Sampuranesh Babu did a wonderful job in the character of Eddodu. Pooja Kollur's direction is also a plus for this movie.

Coming to the minus point, the story of this movie is in a single plot, so the movie has been made in a limited way without being able to expand massively, so this is a minus point for this movie.
And the editing could have been done a little better… this movie has recreated only 70% of the flavor of the original…

And the rating we give to this movie 2.75/5

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