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Mobile Side Effects

Mobile Side Effects: Does Your Child Have a Phone Addiction? If so, stop immediately. Or you will be the one who spoils your child's golden future. In today's modern life, technology and internet are considered to be a common commodity. But that phone becomes a curse for children. Because of the excessive love of the parents, it is said that it is enough for the child to cry. You forget the given thing and you are in your work. There are children looking at the phone. Does the same thing happen in your home? But don't do that. That is the biggest mistake you make.

Medical experts warn that children's frequent viewing of mobiles can damage their sensitive eyes. Experts say that 5 out of 10 cases come to eye doctors. Children forget to blink while looking at the phone. If the eyelids are not moved, the eyes become dry and the eyesight deteriorates. Also, if the eyes are dry, black eggs appear in the eyes.

Experts warn that the light should not fall directly on the eyes. Similarly, on the day of eclipse, do not look directly at the moon and the sun. Moreover, eye lighting like welding lights and phone lights are harmful to the eyes. Blue colors on the mobile screen damage the macular in the eye. These are difficult to come back to. As the age increases, many eye problems come.

God's greatest gift to man is eyes, without those eyes man has no light. Don't destroy the eyes of such children by giving them mobiles, laptops, ipods. Don't make their life dark. Giving phone to children can cause eye problems and many more mental problems. Children's memory power also decreases. Even if the children are used to the phone, if they take it away from it at once, they scream like crazy. Or beaten and scolded. Such cases have been reported recently. That's why not all at once, do it slowly.

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