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Modi: Luck is theirs.. If there were five people who won in that state.. Three of them got the posts of ministers.. This is causing joy in that state.. So far what has happened in that state. What is Modi's plan? Why was such a decision taken? Let's find out in this article..

Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of the country for the third time. A cabinet was formed with 72 members. But in this, some people got a position based on the party's preferences and requirements. But it is interesting that the state of Haryana got three minister posts simultaneously. Actually Haryana is not a big state like Uttar Pradesh. BJP did not make a clean sweep like Madhya Pradesh. However, giving three Union minister posts to the state is leading to a new debate.

Haryana has 90 assembly seats and 10 parliamentary seats. In recent elections, BJP won only five parliamentary seats in this state. But three out of those five were given place in the central cabinet. Although it seems surprising to read.. different from last time, this time Modi has given extreme priority to the state of Haryana.. There is no reason for this. Because assembly elections are likely to be held in Haryana state soon. It seems that BJP is mainly focused on that state. Elections will be held in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand states this year.

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Haryana state is closest to Delhi. Elections will be held there in next four months. NDA government is in power there. But BJP has high hopes to win this election here. If Haryana loses in the state, the impact on the central government will be huge. With this, the leaders of the Lotus Party took the victory in the state of Haryana very seriously. That is why it is being spread that even though five members of parliament have won, three have been given ministerial posts. Analysts believe that this is the real reason behind the inclusion of former Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in the cabinet.

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The current ruling government in Haryana state is in minority. In this state which has 90 assembly seats, it needs to win 46 seats to get power. BJP has 41 seats in this state. With HLP and another independent joining the NDA, BJP's strength has reached 43. At present three MLA seats are vacant there. Therefore, the strength of 44 MLAs is required to form the government there. BJP has only 43 people.. but there are only four months left for the elections, so there is no chance of the government collapsing here. In this context, analysts are predicting that the elections to be held in the next four months will be fiercely contested.

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