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Not for political parties.. The more people there are, the stronger they are,” said Amit Shah. The current situation mirrors his comments.

Modi-Shah: The forelegs of the opposition are tied together.

Modi-Shah: It is said that there should be no debt balance.. Enemy balance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have made such a prediction in the upcoming parliamentary elections. That is why they have made a plan to completely weaken the Congress party. As a part of this, alliances are being initiated in a way that was not the case in the last two terms. Although many survey organizations say that the BJP will win 370 seats on its own, the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo is not resting. Starting from Jammu and Kashmir to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, every region has been focused very seriously. “Increasing strength where there is strength..increasing strength where there is no strength..” This principle is being adopted. In this order, new alliances are being taken to completely weaken the Congress party.

Recently, the Rashtriya Lok Dal of Uttar Pradesh has left the alliance. It has announced that it will support Narendra Modi in the elections. She announced that she is joining the NDA without a second word. In fact, BJP has tremendous strength in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It does not need another party in that state. But when Rashtriya Lok Dal said that she would come, she added welcome. There, the Congress party hoped to win at least a few seats with the help of the Rashtriya Lok Dal. But Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo thought that if the Congress party wins the seats like that, it will be cheated first and moved to prevent it from happening. Rashtriya Lok Dal was included in the NDA alliance. Not only this party but the Janata Dal Union of Karnataka has joined the NDA alliance. In the background of the BJP's defeat there in the last election, it hopes to win better seats in this parliamentary election. As part of this, Kumaraswamy made an offer to the party. Swamy also joined the Polomantu NDA alliance.

Despite the positive news that Dafa will come to power at the center, BJP is not giving up any opportunity so easily. Because this time Congress wants to completely weaken the party. Narendra Modi has already announced that more important decisions will be taken if the government is formed this time. In this context, the BJP hopes to avoid trouble from the Congress, i.e. to bind the front legs of the opposition parties. It is in this order that India is turning the tide in its favor in the alliance. The Congress is planning to isolate the party and win more than 400 seats and take more important decisions. They will keep bothering our ears,” said Tomar, who previously served as the Minister of Agriculture, in Parliament. At that time, everyone thought that he just made those comments. But no one expected that Narendra Modi was behind those comments. It seems that the ultimate goal behind the alliances is to weaken the Congress as much as possible and ensure that they do not face any problems. Meanwhile, Amit Shah commented that “Family control is for individuals..not for political parties..the more people there are, the stronger they are”. The current situation mirrors his comments.


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