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Naayak Movie: సింహాద్రి సినిమా నుంచి నాయక్ సినిమా సీన్లు కాపీ చేశారా?

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Naayak movie: If you look at some scenes, it seems that it is not from this movie or from some other movie. I wonder if such scenes are copied.. or inserted accidentally.. but the audience gets confused. Such scenes are repeated many times in Movies. Such a scene was repeated in the Movies of Ram Charan and NTR. But there was a talk that a scene in Nayak's movie was copied from Tarak's movie. So what is that scene..

Ram Charan, who entered the industry as the successor of the megastar actor, rose to become a star Hero in the industry in a very short time. Now he has established his name as a global star as well. Now Ram Charan is doing a movie called Game Changer under the direction of Shankar. Along with this, he has also committed another film in the direction of Buchibabu. It is said that apart from these two films, he is also listening to the stories of some other films.

Fans say that Ram Charan's series of films made him a star. Meanwhile, if we see two scenes in Ram Charan's movie Nayak, we feel that it has been copied from the movie Simhadri. That's it.. Nayak kills Rowdy by stabbing him in the heart after the interval. And in Simhadri too, Bhumika gives a sudden twist and stabs NTR in the heart. In the same way Nayak's film also runs revealing a twist.

Also, in the movie Simhadri, if one of the older sisters is killed by NTR in Kerala, the Hero kills the woman who killed her and earns a good reputation there as Singamalai. And if someone kills Ram Charan's brother-in-law Rajiv Kanakala, he will also kill them and become a Nayak there. There are common connections between these two Movies in these scenes. That's why there was a lot of criticism on Nayak's movie when this movie was released.

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