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These Are The National Animals Of 10 Countries

National Animals: In the past, ambassadors were appointed to maintain relations between one kingdom and another. It is through them that progress is made in matters like trade and commerce. When faced with dire situations like war.. ambassadors used to consult with kingdoms. Avoiding complexities between kingdoms. Over time the kingdoms merged into one another. Kings are gone. In modern times, kingdoms have been replaced by nations. Different types of animals are appointed as ambassadors for these countries. Although it is surprising to read.. this is true all the time. Countries have adopted animals as symbols to reflect their cultural and social superiority. Preserved as symbols of natural heritage. So what are those countries..

India, Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal tigers are abundant in the forests spread across the Sunder Ban region of West Bengal. They look beautiful and strong. This tiger is unique in exhibiting biodiversity. That is why India has declared this tiger as its animal ambassador.

America, Royal Eagle

The Royal Eagle appears in the official emblem of the United States. Roaming freely in the sky and hunting other animals are the special features of the royal eagle. America is also the strongest economic power in the world.. It has become the most powerful country. America is using this royal eagle as its official symbol to display its power maneuvers in front of the world nations.

Australian, kangaroo

Kangaroos are mammals found only in Australia. Australia is called the land of kangaroos. That is why the country has declared kangaroos as its cultural and social heritage. 25 percent of tourists visiting Australia go to see kangaroos.

China, Imperial Dragon

China has declared the dragon as its official animal. China has ever declared it as its cultural symbol.

Singapore, the faithful lion

Singapore has declared the faithful lion as its official animal. Singapore believes that a strong lion represents excellence, strength, power and agility. Moreover, the rulers of that country believe that the word Singha in the name of their country reflects the strength of a lion.

Scotland, the gallant unicorn

Flying horse statues are found in Scotland. It is called a gallant unicorn. Scotland considers it a symbol of valor. A few hundred years ago, Scotland adopted the gallant unicorn as its official animal symbol.

Norway, Uration Lynx

Norway has declared a mother tiger cub as its official animal symbol. Tigers are abundant in the northern jungles of the country. They have different color according to the geographical environment. Norway claims that the tigers represent the country's biodiversity.

Brazil, Noble Jaguar

Jaguar is unique among tigers. It lives in the Amazon forests. Brazil has declared the jaguar as its official animal symbol, a tiger that exhibits a unique behavior.

England, regal lion

It is the official animal symbol of England. This lion is a symbol of prowess, unstoppable strength and excellent hunting skills. That is why England declared it as an animal symbol.

Portugal, Spirited Gallo

The country of Portugal considers it to be its lucky animal. That is why it has been declared as its national animal. With a clear vision, strong legs and a strong body structure, this chicken is loved by the people of Portugal. They call it Rooster. In Portuguese parlance it is called Spirited Gallo.

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