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Neru Review: While watching some Movies, the audience gets immersed in the movie and enjoys it a lot. In such Movies, Malayalam director Jeetu Joseph's Movies are in the first row. The films Dhishya and Dhishya 2 directed by him entertained the audience. In Malayalam, Mohanlal acted as the Hero in these Movies, but in Telugu, Venkatesh remade these Movies as the Hero. Now another movie called 'Neru' has come in Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph combination. How is this movie, Jeethu Joseph Mohanlal combination worked out once again..? To what extent did this movie, which was made as a court room drama, entertain the audience..? Let's try to find out the following things…

the story

First, if we go into the story of this movie, Sara
A blind girl lost her eyesight at the age of 12 due to some reasons. And with the support of her father, she learns to make dolls from a young age. Also, Sara has the knowledge to make such dolls by touching a man with her hands and what he looks like. One day when her parents leave her home and go out, a man named Michael rapes her. So Sara makes a doll of Michael and lets the police know who he is. And in this whole process, the police arrest a boy named Michael. But as he is the son of a businessman, he gets Rajasekhar, a Supreme Court lawyer, to plead on his side with the intention of winning the case anyway. And fearing Rajasekhar, many lawyers are afraid to plead on Sara's side.

In a similar order, Vijay Mohan (Mohan Lal), who was suspended from the Bar Council for 5 years by Rajasekhar, comes to plead the case on behalf of Sara. Did Vijay Mohan win Sara's case? What is the real relationship between Vijay Mohan and Rajasekhar and what was the fight between them? Why did Rajasekhar suspend Vijay Mohan for 5 years? You have to watch this movie to know…


And in this movie, Jeethu Joseph shows his mark as usual and repeats his magic on screen. It should be said that Mohanlal proved his title as a complete actor once again with his performance in this film. But the logic shown by Jeethu Joseph in some scenes worked out very well. And this whole movie was opened as a court room drama. But some scenes between Mohanlal and Siddiqui who played the role of Rajasekhar are very good. If Rajasekhar is creating false evidence to win the case, Mohanlal's effort to win the truth is very good. Mohanlal senses the heights he takes and answers them with his logic. Jeethu Joseph tried to convince the audience with such scenes. And it must be said that he was successful to a large extent in this attempt… As always, Jeethu Joseph once again succeeded in showing Mohanlal as different. Their combination has a good reputation from the beginning.

Continuing those successes, even now their combination is going forward with super duper successes… But even though Jeetu Joseph has done some Movies, the logic he has chosen for this movie has worked very well. It has been shown perfectly what kind of potential a lawyer should have to deal with a case. It must be said that it is really great to show in this movie whether justice is given to the poor in the judicial system, or whether justice is bought by those with money and power.

Performance of Actors

We don't have anything special to say about Mohanlal. I don't know at what moment he was given the title of complete actor but he proved once again with this movie that it is a perfect fit for him. And in this he did a one man show. Also, Siddhi who played Rajasekhar also gave a good performance. And he also played a key role in the success of this movie by acting as Pota competition with Mohanlal. It should be said that everyone who acted in the other roles also acted well according to the scope of their roles… Also, although there are no Songs in this movie, the background score helped a lot… The cinematography is also very cool. Descent way shots are designed without any distance…

Plus points…

And the plus points in this movie are…

the story

Mohanlal acting
Directed by Jeethu Joseph

Minus points…

The minus points in the movie are…

Some of the scenes drag on and the majority of the movie is in the court room, so there are chances of the audience getting bored here and there.

It will be very plot without any twists…


And our rating for this movie is 2.75/5

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