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Boycott Bollywood (#BoycottBollywood) is trending in Twitter – Chiyaan Vikram Comments on that

Boycott Bollywood (#BoycottBollywood) is trending on Twitter – Chiyaan Vikram Comments on that

Boycott is trending in Bollywood. Netizens are boycotting Bollywood stars and Bollywood movies in a row. Recently Aamir Khan’s ‘Lalsingh Chadha’, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Raksha Bandhan’, and Taapsee’s ‘Dobara’ have been boycotted. The hashtag #BoycottLiger has been trending on Twitter to boycott ‘Liger’ which was released last Thursday (August 25). In recent times, all the big films have been boycotted in one way or another. 

cobra vikram

cobra Vikram

Boycott Bollywood

Many heroes have already responded to this boycott controversy. Recently, Tamil star hero Chiyan Vikram gave a sarcastic response to this boycott controversy. Vikram’s latest film Cobra will hit the screens on August 31. In this background, the latest hero Vikram has interacted with the media.

Recently, netizens have been trolling many Bollywood films by calling them boycotting movies. What is your opinion on this? When asked by a reporter.. Vikram gave a funny reply. What is Asal Boycott? I know the meaning of boy… I know the meaning of girl well… finally, I know the meaning of cut but… I don’t know the word boycott’ said Vikram. 

As far as Cobra is concerned, this film is an action entertainer directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu and produced by Seven Studios – Red Giant with a huge budget. ‘KGF’ actress Srinidhi Shetty played the heroine in this film. The film will be released in Telugu by NV Prasad NVR Cinema. 

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