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This is my second innings, Liger movie is my first movie: Puri Jagannadh

Liger movie – This is my second innings, Liger is my first movie: Puri Jagannadh

Puri Jagannath is a track apart among Tollywood directors. He weaves brilliant stories and takes them to the set with the same speed and brings them to the screen. No matter how big the movie is, he brings it to the theater within 6 months. It took almost three years for him to bring the movie ‘Liger’ to the audience. Even putting aside the impact of the pandemic, his time was long. He was asked the same question by Charmy in a recent interview.

Liger is my first movie: Puri Jagannadh

Liger is my first movie: Puri Jagannadh

Puri responded to that.. “Before the pandemic, my films were different. After the pandemic, I decided that my films will be different. I consider Liger movie to be my first film. In a way, this is my first film. It can be considered my second innings. “I take my time and do all the films with full effort. I used to do some experiments earlier. Now there is no such situation. Even if I do 10 films, I will do something that will be remembered for a lifetime,” he said.


Liger movie

Vijay Devarakonda said.. “I used to think that if I make a big film in life… it should shake in a range. Puri garu has the same idea. Meeting him made me realize that what I thought was going to be fulfilled. It was my faith in Purigaru that made me do another film with him.

From the very beginning, I was not very interested in being on social media. But I come without any background and the audience loves me a lot. I joined social media to keep in touch with them. I am moving forward knowing what the fans want.

 When I entered films, once I committed myself, I decided that I would not hesitate to do anything, no matter how I appeared on the screen. It was only when Puri told me the story that I understood what the look of ‘Liger’ should be. If Puri worked so hard to write that role, my laziness should not spoil it. If you want to have fun in that role, you have to build muscles.. otherwise, you won’t have fun. I have to work hard to take the content to the next level. If not now, then when will we be able to do something like this?

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