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Tarun Bhaskar’s Keeda Cola is coming

Tharun Bhascker New Movie with Siddartha

Tarun Bhaskar, who gained a good name as a director with the movie Pelli Chuplu, is slowly making films. It is known that the movie, What happened to this city, under his direction, also got a positive response. While doing film trials as a director, on the other hand, he acted in many films as an actor.

Tarun Bhaskar is taking steps towards directing again at this time when there is such a demand that he should do films as a hero after having played key roles in many films.

Tharun Bhascker New Movie Keeda Cola

Keeda Cola

Keeda Cola

For many days, there is news that Tarun Bhaskar’s Keeda Cola is coming. Pooja programs related to that movie were done as bribes.

Popular producer Suresh Babu participated in the pooja programs of the shooting. Besides heroes Siddharth, Teja Sajja, and some other celebrities were also present. On this occasion, the guests wished best wishes to the members of the film unit.

Tarun Bhaskar is directing as well as writing this movie, which is being produced under the banner of VG Cinema. The members of the unit stated that this film is going to be made on a pan-India scale. The actors and the technical experts have stated that this film, which is not yet finalized, is going to be released in many languages ​​across the country in 2023.

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