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Bigg Boss 6 Telugu: Star singer couple in Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu – Bigg Boss is a very popular reality show across the country. This Telugu show has completed 5 seasons and is getting ready for its 6th season. Starmaa has given an official announcement that the show will start on September 4. In this background, the names of some of the contestants who will participate in this season came out, and the names of a star couple recently came to the fore. The singer’s couple, who have been in the news with divorce rumors recently this season, is being heavily promoted as if they are going to make noise in the house. It seems that you have already got clarity about who that couple is. 

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu

Yes, as you think, singer Hemachandra and his wife, singer Shravan Bhargavi are going to be contestants. It is known that the Varun Sandesh-Vithika couple entertained in the house in the last 3rd season. Repeating the same, this time the managers are bringing Hemachandra and Shravana Bhargavi into the house. It is heard that Bigg Boss executives have entered into an agreement to give them a huge remuneration for this. If you want to know the truth about this news, you will have to wait for a few days. The couple has already denied the news that they are going to divorce.


Bigg Boss 6 Telugu


However, these rumors are yet to be verified. Paruvu continues to express doubts about Shravana Bhargavi’s affair as if something is happening between them. Netizens say that if this couple enters the Bigg Boss house, it will be double fun for the audience. Meanwhile, King Nagarjuna is successfully running the show by hosting the Telugu Bigg Boss for the last 3 seasons. He will act as the narrator for this sixth season as well. The recently released promo of Bigg Boss got a good response. On September 4th, it will be clear who will come as contestants in the Bigg Boss house in the season. 

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