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Nithya menon Clarified About her Marriage on Aha Ott Indian Idol Telugu Show

Nithya Menon Clarified About her Marriage on Aha Ott Show

Nithya Menon Marriage news

Nithya Menon Marriage news

Malayalam girl Nithya Menon has earned a good reputation as a highly talented heroine in Tollywood. Acting in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Hindi languages, she earned special recognition as a heroine. Recently, she was impressed by her role as a heroine in star hero Pawan Kalyan starrer ‘Bheemlanayak’. After ‘Bheemlanayak’ in Telugu, another project was not accepted.

Recently shined in ‘Aaha’ music show. Since then, it has become a hot topic in the news with marriage rumors. Responding to the latest news of her marriage, Nithya Menon gave an explanation saying that it was all created on purpose. However, as the rumors did not stop, Nithya Menon responded to the news of her marriage in her own style. It seems that he once again clarified that there is no truth in the news about his marriage.

Apart from that, Nithya Menon is said to have not revealed many interesting things on this occasion. It is heard that Nithya Menon told me that he is a good friend of mine and that is why he told me to marry and be happy with my family.

Apart from that, Nityaminan explained that he has no plans of marriage at the moment and he does not know if he will do so in the future. Apart from that, it is known that Nithya Menon has also responded to the rumors coming against him recently.

The trouble he always faced in the industry was the rumors that I was banned from the industry. Nityaminan said that some people who want these things are spreading false propaganda while we are growing up and many people are trying to pull us down.

Thiru Chitrambalam

Thiru Chitrambalam

Recently, Nithya Menon has acted in various films. She has done different movies like ’19(1) (a)’ in Malayalam, and ‘Thiru Chitrambalam’ starring Dhanush in Tamil. In this, ’19(1) (a)’ was released in OTT while ‘Thiru Chitrambalam’ starring Dhanush was released in Tamil and Telugu as ‘Thiru’ on August 18 and failed to achieve the expected results.

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