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Shiva Reddy, Amit Tiwari as heroes in Rent Movie

Renowned mimicry artists Siva Reddy, Amit Tiwari, Vanitha Reddy, Manishasree, and Chaitanya Priya Pradhala are acting in the latest film ‘Rent’. Not for Sale is the subtitle. Raghuvardhan Reddy is directing this romantic thriller. Chandaka Rajkumar – CH Ramnath is jointly producing this film under Raj Kumar Entertainments – Ram Nath Mudiraj Movies banner.

Rent Movie

Rent Movie

Shiva Reddy and Amit Tiwari as heroes in Rent Movie

This diverse story film, which has already successfully completed two schedules, will celebrate its third schedule in Goa, Devghad, and other places. Siva Reddy and Amit Tiwari spoke at the media conference organized on this occasion. DSR is the music director and Hazrat (Wali) is working as DVP for this film.


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