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NIT Warangal Placements 2024

NIT Placements 2024: The National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Warangal, Telangana has become a stumbling block for the huge package measurements. If they get a seat in NIT, students feel confident that they will go out with a job. Government and private companies are competing for recruitment to conduct campus selections in NIT with the feeling that the students here have expertise in all fields and will excel in all fields.

NIT students are busy in the latest selections.

Students studying B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Sc in NIT continue their efforts in campus selections every year. This year, 82 percent of the students in Beta, 62.3 percent in MTech, 82.6 percent in ACA, 80 percent in MCC and 76 percent in MBA got jobs in the campus selections. A total of 1,483 passed and 1,128 got jobs.

Increasing numbers every year..

The number of people studying in Warangal NIT and getting jobs is increasing every year. Campus selections are gradually increasing from 2020-21 onwards 186 companies have participated for CANS selections in 2020-21. 815 students were selected. The highest package of Rs.52 lakh was taken. And in 2021-22, 1,108 and 1,404 students in 2022-23 got jobs in CANS selections. The highest package of Rs.88 lakhs was achieved. In 2023, 1,410 people and the latest in 2024 achieved 1,128 people. A total of 4,155 people have achieved the measurements in four years.

Last year 250.. this year 278..

Last year more than 250 companies came to conduct nit camp campus selections. This year 278 companies came to NIT for campus selections. In addition to the government, there are also private companies. The students here are selected in the fields of Information Technology, Software Engineering, Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Engineering, Consultant Management. ECE group student Ravisha achieved the maximum package of Rs.88 lakh. He was selected for Sorb, a US-based software company. Another software company in Hyderabad has selected Meet Popat, an ECE student of the camp, with a huge package of Rs.64 lakhs.

Falling numbers for IITians..

Meanwhile, the salaries of IITians are being cut heavily. A survey conducted by Deloitte and Teamlease has revealed that once the average annual package was Rs.25 lakh to Rs.30 lakh, now it has become difficult to exceed Rs.15 lakh. About 40% of those who study in IITs do not get jobs in campus placement. It seems that the global economic slowdown is the reason for the investments in the electric vehicle sector and not IT.

AI that is sinking its horn..

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is also catching the attention of IIT students. In the academic year 2023-24, 7 thousand students who completed the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) did not get jobs. Placement percentage is decreasing due to increasing Chat GPT and other Large Language Model (LLM). While there are 23 IIT campuses in the country, they are facing serious difficulties in getting jobs.

Alumni of IIT Delhi united..

To solve the problem faced by the IITians, alumni have come forward to give jobs to around 400 students who have completed their graduation in IIT Delhi recently. If there are no jobs in their organizations, they will give references to get jobs in other organizations and promise to extend the internship in time.

Chat GPT effect..

BITS Group Vice Chancellor V. said that jobs for IITians have decreased due to ChatGPT along with financial and technical reasons. Rangopal Rao said. It is stated that 20 to 30 percent placements have decreased in every IIT. It has been revealed that the large language model along with ChatGPT is having an effect. Due to this, only one person is doing the work of two or three. He said that the placements have decreased due to this.

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