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Ocean: We have learned that there are seven oceans on the earth.. that there is water underground.. that when it rains, the water enters the earth and becomes groundwater.. that underground water is the basis of human survival. But now the latest study has shown that there is an ocean in the interior of the earth. So far the research has not revealed the existence of the ocean. Researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA, have been researching the sources of groundwater for several years. On this occasion, scientists have discovered vast reserves of water under the earth's interior and it has been shown in the study of scientists that this sea is spread over an area of ​​700 km.

Researchers from Northwestern University have been researching for some time to find out the sources of water in the Earth's interior. Their research revealed that there is a large ocean beneath the Earth's interior. It has come to light in the research of scientists that it is spread in the inner part of the earth. Scientists revealed this in a 2014 study called Dehydration Melting. 700 km of ocean is deposited in the interior of the earth. Scientists call it ring woodite. The sea is hidden in the middle of the blue rocky part around. In the middle of this mantle is a layer of hot rock. It protects the surface of the earth from the ocean. If it is not calculated, the surface will collapse due to the impact of the subterranean ocean. During the formation of the earth, scientists estimate that the oceans would have gradually come out from inside the earth. A recent study revealed that there is an ocean in the interior of the Earth. But the sea in the interior of the earth.. it seems that it is almost three times the size of the great seas on the earth. In the past this was an argument. Steven Jacob Sun, a scientist from Northwestern University, said that the strength of our research has been created in the background of the existence of an ocean in the interior of the earth.

A team of scientists led by Jacob Sun analyzed waves from more than 500 earthquakes in 2016 using nearly 2,000 seismometers. These waves traveled through the interior of the earth.. After reaching the center of the earth.. Scientists detected them at the interior of the earth. Through them they discovered the existence of an ocean in the interior of the earth. By measuring the wave speed at different depths, they identified the rock types in the Earth's interior. At this point they found a wet rock floor. There the presence of ocean waves became clear to them. ” As the sea is in the interior of the earth, the earth has become habitable. Otherwise the whole earth would have been covered with sea water. Only the peaks of the mountains are visible,” said Jacob Sun. But a team of scientists is studying the deep underground ocean. Is this the only one, are there any more seas in the interior of the earth? Research is going on.

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