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Cow urine: “Don't think that a cow is a lickt animal. Never forget the greatness of Govkun. A cow survives even if there is no man. “Avu Astaminchinda Khayam Mana Chau” was in the books when I was a child. Cow.. is a noble animal in orthodox tradition. Cow was called Kamadhenu in Purana times. Cow's milk was considered nectar. Cow dung was used as soil fertilizer. Cow urine is used as an excellent medicine. Cow is considered as the most wonderful animal in the whole world. Over time, the use of cow's milk, cow's milk and cow's urine has decreased. Seeing cows from a religious point of view has increased. With this, cow urine, milk and cow's milk started to be considered as a matter of a party. A section of people still hates these things.. But now when English people say cow urine, milk and milk, they say wow.

Why Kella cow is the best among all animals.. Cow's body structure is the most complex. Absorbs deadly chemicals and releases highly effective antibiotics.. That's why cow's urine, cow's milk, cow's milk have medicinal properties. They reduce many types of diseases. If the ancient Ayurvedic medical experts of India said this, the foreigners laughed. He declared that everything the Indians were saying was false. In this age where technology is breaking new ground, they mocked that what is the point of drinking cow urine. But America said OK if the English applied for patent rights to go urine.

The United States gave the green signal if a group of scientists from Western countries applied for a patent right after examining cow urine in several ways. Scientists have proved with evidence that cow urine contains antibiotics, which act as anti-cancer agents. The respective reports are submitted to the Patent Rights Team. Satisfied with the report they submitted, the US Patent Rights team agreed. In fact, if the Indians made a positive campaign regarding this cow urine, then the English people frowned. The Indians joked that they revolved around urine. But now scientists from the same English countries have applied for patent rights to inform the world about the goodness of cow urine. Those who ridiculed Indians then became silent after knowing that cow urine is the best thing.

Cow urine contains antibiotics like tetracycline, rifampicin and ampicillin. These work as anti-cancer. The anti-carcinogenic factors present in cow urine can ward off various types of cancer. They also act as antifungal. Cow urine has been granted patent rights by the US (6,896,907), (6,410,509) because of such enormous benefits.

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