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Ongole Cow

Ongole Cow: “Ongole cow. Incomparable ability..” On the basis of its ability.. Pi Nanudi was born. A look like a sharp knife.. Gangados that touch the sky.. Pointed horns.. A neck that can pull any weight like an avali.. Broad body. More than that, strong legs. Hoofs like concrete pillars.. Ongole cattle are indescribable.. But the Brazilians who took the Ongole cattle from our country.. did various experiments and created wonderful breeds of cattle.

In our country, especially in the Telugu states, there is a huge demand for Ongole cows and cows. Farmers do not hesitate to spend lakhs to buy these. The bulls that made noise in the movie Madhya Akhanda belong to the Ongole race. In any bull race held in India, the Ongole bulls are the upper hand. Moreover, these cattle are in great demand all over the world.

As mentioned earlier, the Ongole race was developed in many ways in the country of Brazil. Farmers there are very passionate about animal husbandry. Especially the Ongoles of our country and the breed of cattle like Geer have also been developed and produced by the natives of the country. The Ongole breed of cows, the breeds created after many experiments on the hooves, seem to have an aura there. Every year a cattle auction is held in Brazil.. Many types of cattle come to auction there. Although there are many types of cows and cows, there is a huge demand for Ongole cattle.

In a recent auction, an Ongole cow broke all previous records. A four and a half year old Ongole cow fetched a price of 4.8 million US dollars at an auction in Arando, Sao Paulo, Brazil. That is 40 crores in our currency. In the past, an Ongole cow created by IVF in the region was sold for around 15 crores. So far there was a record in the name of that cow. But this cow broke it. No one has paid this level of price for Ongole cows in previous auctions held in Brazil

40 Crore price cow is named “Viatina-19 FIV”. This cow belongs to Nellore breed. And this cow can live in any climate. Reddy's skin is very strong. Can withstand blood-sucking insects. Ongole cows milk more. These contain many nutrients. Drinking them is very beneficial for health. There is a huge demand for Ongole cattle meat in Brazil. (This is also one of the main reasons why Brazil's native Ongoles discovered new species through the sperm of the Ongole race.)

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