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Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Review: Currently Telugu Movies are being released with very diverse storylines. Sandeep Kishan is one of the young heroes in Telugu.. Although he is coming in front of the audience with different stories every time, those Movies are mostly failing to entertain the audience. And as a part of that, even now he has come before the audience with the movie Uru Prama Bhairavakona. And let's try to know through a brief analysis how this movie is doing, whether Sandeep Kishan has got a success or he is still continuing the series of flops…

the story

First of all, when it comes to the story of this movie, Basava (Sandeep Kishan) and his friend John (Viva Harsha) commit a robbery due to some unexpected reasons. After doing that theft, they go to a village called Bhairavakona. Along with them, Geetha (Kavya Thapar) also enters the town. And there the story takes another turn from how the lives of these three took a turn. Rajappa in the village owns the gold they have stolen. But in Bhairavakona, terrible things happen. The story revolves around the connection between the four missing pages of the Garuda Purana and Bhairavakona. And what is the connection between that town and the Hero in a similar order will also be very interesting with a twist…


When it comes to the analysis of this movie, although the point chosen by the director VI Anand in this movie is good, VI Anand takes the movie very engaging only till the first half. It must be said that the second half of the movie is mostly dull. Especially when telling fictional stories, the director should take the movie Liberty according to that story. But VI Anand takes more cinematic liberties than required and somewhat fails in making the story comprehensible to the average viewer. The first half is all comedy and the film is driven by engaging scenes, but it has to be said that the core emotion to be played in the second half has been reduced to a large extent. And since the point that the director wanted to convey in this movie was very big, it must be said that he hesitated to reach that point to the audience at the intended time.

If you don't watch VI Anand's past films, where will you go, except for Chinnavada, all the other stories are too big, so he makes the same mistake every time in bringing them to the audience. It would be better if you take a simple point and write scenes to connect with the audience and tell it straight to the audience. But seeing VI Anand's film planning to be new in the typical narration becomes a minus for every film he does…

Performance of artists

And when it comes to the performance of the artists, Sandeep Kishan has given his full effort as usual in this movie. However, due to some fluff in the movie, this movie should have been a success, but it had to remain a just average movie. The character played by Varsha Bollama is also a plus for this movie. It must be said that every scene she has done in this movie has hooked the audience. Viva Harsha and Vennela Kishore have also produced good comedy and carried the film somewhat engaged. It must be said that Kavya Thapar has also done well in the scope of her role. Along with them, all the other Actors who played the roles also seemed to be okay according to the scope of their role…

Technical aspects

When it comes to technical aspects, it must be said that every single technician in this movie has worked with their full effort. Especially Shekhar Chandra's music is a big plus for this movie. Also, the BGM is also amazing. Because of his BGM, some scenes made the audience sit on the edge of the seat. Raj Thota's cinematography is also a big plus for this movie. Some of the shots are very creatively designed, apart from the visuals, each and every artist is very new. Also, the way he showed Bhairavakona town is very excellent. As editor Chhota K Prasad's film is full of story, he has no clarity as to which scene to cut and how long to cut it. That is why the editing work in the film did not go smoothly…

Plus points

the story
Acting by Sandeep Kishan, Viva Harsha, Vennela Kishore
Some thrilling scenes

Minus points

Slow narration
Artificial scenes
Some scenes don't connect emotionally


And our rating for this movie is 2.25/5

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