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Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan: Time is not coming together for Pawan Kalyan. Although it has been a long time since the party started, it is not excelling in politics at the expected level. That's why they started making strong efforts to form an alliance in this election. He has announced candidates for 21 Assembly and two Parliament seats that he got as part of the alliance. Entered the campaign season. He started from the Pithapuram assembly seat where he is going to contest. But the campaign is hampered by health problems. On the day of campaigning in Pithapuram, he got fever. They rested for a day and started campaigning again. But as the fever did not go away, the campaign had to be given a break for another two days. The Janasiniks are worried about the successive problems. The participating parties are also disappointed.

It is known that TDP, Jana Sena and BJP formed an alliance. Candidates of those three parties want Pawan to campaign on their behalf. They feel that if Pawan campaigns on their behalf, the hype will come and victory will be easy. On the other hand, Jana Sena candidates who contested in 21 assembly seats have also placed their trust in Pawan. It is expected that people will vote for Pawan after seeing him. Pawan is in the mode that once he comes to his constituency and campaigns, it is enough. But there seems to be some kind of concern among them that Pawan's campaign was haunted by health problems. YCP is already accusing Pawan of being a procrastination Hero. He is campaigning in such a way that he does not do what he says. There is a kind of concern in the ranks of the three parties as the situation is in line with that.

And there are only 40 days left for the election campaign. Polling will be held on May 13. Candidates can campaign till May 11. On the one hand, Jagan is traveling across the state with a bus trip. On the other hand, Chandrababu is touring three assembly constituencies a day in the name of Prajagalam. Election campaigning. But that is not happening with Pawan. Soldiers are also suffering from this. Pawan started election campaign late. He got fever on the first day. With this, YCP trolls social media asking if Pawan is so stupid. It is said that stamina is required to move in the public sphere. This has become an embarrassing issue for the Janasena. Pawan's programs do not start on the scheduled date. The same happened in the election campaign. First a schedule was released. It was changed and announced again.

Leaders of other parties are actively campaigning. Chandrababu is also moving forward regardless of his age. Even at the age of seventy, road shows and campaign meetings are being held at three Assembly locations a day. And Jagan is also continuing the bus trip within the parliamentary constituency every day. In such situations, Pawan should be very active as a charismatic leader in the alliance. On the one hand, programs are being postponed. On the other hand, they are getting sick. Even the average soldier is of the opinion that this is difficult. And there is some kind of dissatisfaction with Pawan's style of dealing in the other participating parties as well. Pawan needs to be active as the time is short. Will Pawan increase his aggression? or not Must see.

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