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Periods: Elders are very cautious about some things. But if you know what, girls of this generation reject it as old. But some things are said during periods too. But if you listen.. But stomach pain and back pain during periods are troublesome. Mentally, it seems a bit difficult at this time. But they do some mistakes knowingly and unknowingly. Let's see what are the mistakes that should not be done during this period?

Waxing.. Do not wax during periods. This increases sensitivity and pain. Hormonal fluctuations during menstruation make the skin sensitive. Increases discomfort during waxing sessions. Waxing before and after periods is recommended to reduce discomfort.

Drinking less water.. Many women forget to drink water due to the problem during periods. They are more afraid of having to go to urine more often. But drink more fresh water at this time. Keeping hydrated is very important. Drinking more water during this time will not cause problems like bloating, cramping and headache.

Pain reliever drugs.. Pain is more during periods. But experts say that tablets should not be used to reduce it. These can have adverse effects on health. Overuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can cause digestive problems and other problems. Heat therapy can be used to reduce menstrual discomfort without relying on medication, as can gentle exercise.

Sleep.. Good sleep is essential during periods. But some people are sleep deprived due to pain and bleeding. This affects the hormonal balance. Period pain increases. Problems like fatigue, cramps, mood swings come. During this time you should sleep for 8 to 9 hours.

Sugary foods, caffeine.. coffees and sugary foods should not be consumed during this time. It seems that these ingredients should be consumed during periods but should be consumed in moderation. Herbal teas, dark chocolate and healthy fruits are enough to satisfy the cravings, experts say.

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