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Phone Side Effects: Are you using the same phone for a long time? Beware of these dangers!

Phone Side Effects: Is the phone you are using very old.. Are you using the same phone for years.. But be careful. You too have these dangers. The Indian government is warning that it is not good to use the phone because life will be too much.

How to identify

If the phone's SAR (SAR) value is high, people using that phone will have more health problems. Experts have noted that there is a possibility of heart attack, headache and other health problems. After the arrival of Android phone, many people increased the use of phones. Experts who are doing many researches on overuse have found out that if the SAR value increases, there is a risk of heart disease, head and brain problems.

Due to radiation

Every electronic device emits a small amount of ionizing radiation measured around the low REMS. SAR is the total value searched at a given time. known as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). To find out how much radioactivity you have, you need to determine its value.

What is SAR?

When electromagnetic waves are received and transmitted, some percentage is lost. Electromagnetic waves are broken down and absorbed by tissue. Absolute value is the rate at which a body absorbs lost electromagnetic waves. Phones contain radio transmitters and receivers to operate on wireless networks. Hence radio waves are emitted. As mentioned before Carcisonic, the intensity of these radio waves is considered dangerous.

How much should be..

Recently the Government of India has made regulations that the value of sir is good. Generally phones should have SAR value less than 1.60. If it is more than that, the chances of heart, head and brain problems are high.

Check like this..

Do you know how to check the SAR value? To know the SAR value on your phone, open the dial pad and dial the number *#07#. It will immediately display the value of Sar in your phone. It shows the value of body saar and head saar. Both SAR values ​​should be less than 1.6. If it is too much then you should change that phone immediately. Otherwise there is a possibility of heart, head and brain problems.

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