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Phone Tapping Case

Phone Tapping Case: Every day there is a new thing in the case of former DSP Praneet Rao, who is under investigation by the police. It is being spread that he used sophisticated software to listen to the phone calls of the opposition leaders.. The leaders of the then government cooperated in this.. Especially Praneet Rao, a key official working in intelligence, was given a hand. Several key facts are coming to light in the police investigation.

Praneet Rao destroyed the phone tapping equipment and computer hard disk in the login room of the SIB and the special operation team. They were dumped in the forests of Vikarabad. But a special police team is currently searching for those devices. It seems that those hard disks contain the information of opposition leaders, real estate traders and other celebrities that Praneet Rao tapped. Investigating officials say that Praneet Rao tried to avoid finding evidence by destroying them.

It is being spread that a senior leader in the previous government was behind this phone tapping and that he had given Praneet Rao all kinds of support. It seems that Praneet Rao exposed the role of that senior leader in the investigation. After this matter came out through the media, the said leader held a press conference on Tuesday and said that he and Praneet Rao have no relation. However, it seems that Praneet Rao has set up servers in the house of the owner of a media company in Sirisilla, Warangal, Hyderabad. Moreover, it seems that Praneet Rao wrote in a diary whose phones he tapped. But the officials believe that there are hundreds of phone numbers in that diary.. All of them were tapped by Praneet Rao. Among those numbers are opposition leaders, real estate traders and other prominent people who were targeted by the then ruling party. Some of them are from the film industry. Not only this, it seems that Praneet Rao and some other numbers have also been tapped as per the request of that media owner.

But it is reported that Praneet Rao's previous government started this affair a few months after coming to power. There are allegations that some other inspectors along with a key officer in intelligence helped Praneeth. However, it is reported that the police are currently detaining and interrogating them. There are allegations that special software was brought from abroad and used for phone tapping. But it is reported that Praneet Rao told the police about who brought it from abroad. But is it Pegasus Software? More modern than that? It needs to be clarified. After telling all these details.. after admitting that he destroyed the hard disks.. Praneet Rao complained in the court through his lawyers that his arrest was illegal.

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