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Let's try to know how much this character has helped Sriram, who is playing the main lead again after many days, through a brief analysis.

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Pindam Review: Suspense thriller Movies are currently running mostly. But horror Movies with suspense thriller are coming very less. Such films are always well received by the audience. Even if the audience likes a few elements in such films, the audience is always at the forefront of making the film a super duper hit. Let us try to find out through a brief analysis how much this character has helped Sriram who is playing the main lead again after many days.

First of all, Antony is working as an accountant in a rice mill. He lives a very happy life with his wife, two children and their mother. But he buys an ancient house in a village and goes to live there, but after staying there for a few days, he faces difficulties. His pregnant wife is admitted to the hospital. An accident happens to their mother. With all these bad consequences, Annamma (Ishwari Rao), who does occult worship, is called to the house to find out what is going on in the house, and she concludes that there is some evil force that should not be in the house. Will Antony's family be saved by Annamma's friend Vasarala Srinivas? If you want to know what is actually in them and what are the reasons for having that evil power in them, you have to watch the movie Fetus…

When it comes to movie analysis, actor Sriram has done love stories and action Movies so far but he tried a different movie in the first time suspense thriller horror genre. Actually the horror elements in this movie are good. Especially, the plot chosen by the director or the screenplay method of directing it are so that the audience is deeply hooked. In some places the horror elements are worked out well. So far so good, but the missing point in the film is that the director could not convince the audience logically in matching the reasons for the horror elements. Some of the horror elements seem very illogical. The director who directed the film with a gripping screenplay till the first half, but in the second half, it seems that he did not know how to direct the film. Also, it is clear to us that a small confusion is the reason for that. Despite being a first time director, the way the film took off was good. But while taking the horror elements points should be in such a way that it engages every audience. If any audience does not connect with the movie, then it should be understood that something has been done wrong in horror.

Director Saikiran has dealt with the horror elements to some extent but still he could not portray the horror elements 100%…
All those who have seen this movie think this movie is okay, but at the end, some unknown dissatisfaction remains. Especially in the climax, he disappointed all the audience by putting a routine climax. No matter how the movie goes, the climax should be amazing. When it is like that, every audience will accept the movie. …. Even though the flashback episodes made the audience emotionally connected to some extent, overall this movie did not satisfy the average audience 100%. Not a very extraordinary movie. It's not that much of a movie

When it comes to the performance of the artists, actor Sriram appeared on the screen again in a full-length character after many days and pleased the audience. As all his earlier films failed at the box office, he took a gap for a few days and again came to us with a character with a good scope of performance for the industry and he gave a very good performance in that character as well. With this, there are chances for him to get some more opportunities in the film…Khushi who played the wife of Mr. Ram also seemed okay within the scope of her role and Ishwari Rao as the ghost doctor seemed okay within her scope, but in some scenes, I felt that it would have been better if someone else had done that character other than her. In some scenes it is clear that the intensity of the ghost doctor is not shown. And Vasarala Srinivas also seemed okay..

When it comes to technical matters, the cinematography of this movie has elevated it to a great extent. Santosh Manoharan's cinematography has taken the film to the next level visually. Also, the background music provided by the music director is also given in such a way as to elevate the horror elements. If the editor also gave sharp editing in some scenes, the horror scenes would have been highlighted…

And the plus points in this movie are

Some horror scenes
Sriram acting
Background music

Minus points in this movie

That is
A routine story
Direction (minus some scenes)
Second half…

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