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Especially when it comes to the performance of the Actors in this movie, Satyam Rajesh was 100% successful in portraying his character brilliantly.

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Polimera 2 Review: Many Movies are released every week. Only a few of those films create the audience's attention and turn into films that take him to the theater. Polimera 2 which was released this week is one of such Movies… It must be said that a movie came out in OTT with the title Ma Uri Polimera two years ago and created a miracle. Another movie that played with the mind set of the audience while maintaining suspense with horror elements is this movie Ma Uri Polimera. While watching, every viewer is engaged in the content of the movie and travels with the story from first to last. The director gave an amazing twist in the climax of Polimera Part One and gave the lead to the movie Polimera 2… But let's try to find out whether their released movie Polimera 2 has earned a good name like Polimera Part One and got a hit track or not…

Let us find out in brief analysis what is the story of this movie, how the director managed the story, how the audience was impressed by this movie

First of all, if we go into the story of this movie, a man named Mallesham performs magic tricks, kills some people, changes his identity and goes to live somewhere else. Mallesham, who is living like that, has a fight with a person in a matter related to the temple, and that person is related to the temple. The story continues with what is the relationship between the temple. But if you want to know whether Mallesham turned out to be good in the end or if you really want to know whether Mallesham is bad or good, you must watch this movie

And it must be said that the director has done a wonderful job in this movie. It must be said that the director has been 100% successful in presenting a story engaging till the end. Also, the screenplay of this movie has been brilliantly designed and the character taluk is intense without missing anywhere, using each character as needed and introducing a depth to us from anywhere out of the story. Without going away, he engaged the story and took it forward within 15 minutes of the start of the movie.

In such a sequence, Petty followed the same strategy in the film, using such elements as the director wanted to achieve success. Especially if you look at the way Mallesham, the Hero of this movie is designed, the variation between Mallesham in the first part and Mallesham in the second part is very wonderful… But even though this movie is portrayed as a horror movie from the beginning, except for the interval bang in the movie, the rest of the movie is a big horror. There are no such elements and the film is a suspense thriller throughout. Except for one or two horror elements, there is not much horror in this…

And especially when it comes to the performance of the Actors in this movie, Satyam Rajesh has been 100% successful in playing his character wonderfully. Once satyam rajesh used to do comedy roles in comedy Movies but now satyam rajesh has changed the whole impression. Satyam Rajesh has earned the name of always being the first to make films with a different attempt… and it must be said that he has made excellent use of another excellent opportunity in this film. And Kamakshi Bhaskarla also acted brilliantly. Getup Sheenu and Baladitya did not go out of the character as far as they could and they were a plus to the movie by adapting to the limitations.
It should be said that Gnani, who provided the music in this film, helped the film to some extent with his own music. Cinematographer Ramesh Reddy has also brought a grandeur with his visuals to most of the film and the editor has not shown much interest in trimming some shots.

When it comes to the plus points in this movie, it must be said that Satyam Rajesh's acting is a plus for this movie. Also, the direction, story and screenplay of this movie have been placed to a large extent. Some of the horror scenes have also been elevated wonderfully…

When it comes to the minus points in the movie, it has to be said that the lighting in some scenes of the movie could not be done so brilliantly, due to which some of the horror elements are somewhat reduced in elevation…
Also, since there are a lot of twists in this movie, it has become a little negative for this movie… and since it is presented as horror from the beginning, those who like horror Movies may be somewhat disappointed if they watch this movie

And all the audience who have seen the first part of Polimera can also enjoy the second part…

And our rating for this movie is 2.75/5

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