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Polio Day 2024: Why children under five should get polio drops..

Polio Day 2024: We can do anything only if our legs and arms move properly. Only by doing that we can live our life comfortably. It is very difficult if the legs and arms do not work like that. Those with eyes have to be burdened. This type of disability was previously caused by the polio virus. Due to this, many suffer from disability. In earlier days, medicine was not so advanced, so many people were born with disabilities. After that, they would have a lot of trouble. If children are born with this disability, it will ultimately affect the development of the country, so the government has pushed for the eradication of polio. That is why Pulse Polio Pulse Polio Immunization Drive is being conducted across the country. Pulse Polio Day is being celebrated across the country on Sunday, March 3. So let's find out in this article what are the benefits of these polio drops for children.

Polio is an abbreviation for Polio Myelitis. This virus has a severe effect on the nervous system. Moreover, it is contagious. Evidence has been found that this disease has existed since ancient times. Polio virus mainly affects the brain and nerves. The virus is transmitted through contaminated water or food. The virus can be spread to an infected person by touching them. Most people infected with polio do not have any symptoms at first. Symptoms like fever, headache, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of appetite and nausea appear as the virus infection progresses. Sometimes it can even lead to paralysis. After that the limbs of the leg or arm fall dead. If the severity of the virus is high, the legs and hands are severely affected.

As per the target set by the World Health Organization, in 1995, India launched the Pulse Polio Immunization Program with the aim of 100% polio eradication. By January 13, 2023, the program has completed 12 years. According to the CDC, children should receive four doses of the polio vaccine. The first dose should be given at two months of age and the second dose at four months of age. Subsequent doses should be given from six months to 18 months of age, and from four to six years of age. This increases immunity in children. There is no possibility of polio virus spreading in the body. As a result, children are healthy. If the children are healthy, the country will be better. If children become disabled due to polio virus it becomes a hindrance to the development of the country.

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