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Generally, thriller and crime Movies have two main elements. Who did it? why did Directors make crime Movies based on these.

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Title: Por tolil
Actors: Sarath Kumar, Ashok Selvan, Nikhila Vimala, Sarath Babu, etc.

Producers: Sameer Nair, Deepak Sehgal, Mukesh Mehta, CV Sarath, Poonam Mehra, Sandeep Mehra.
Director: Vignesh Raja
Music: Bex Bejoy
Editor: Srijit Sarang
Cinematography: Kalai Selvan Shivaji
Streaming: Sony Liv (from Friday, August 11)

OK Telugu Rating: 3/5

After covid, the way audience watch Movies has completely changed. Audience does not like routine Rodda Kottadu Movies. Due to this, the films released amid huge expectations are falling badly at the box office. At the same time, the audience likes the films made in the background of engaging story, tight screenplay and thriller. Such films are currently popular in the market. What a great thriller movie Tamil Rakshasan released exactly two years ago needs to be mentioned. The film, which was also remade in Telugu, gave Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas his first hit. It must be said that after that movie, there was no thriller of that level in Tamil. But the crime suspense thriller “Por Tolil” streaming on Sony Live is creating new records. Released in Tamil, the film has raked in crores of rupees. It has become the best of the Movies released so far this year. The Telugu version of this movie is streaming on Sony Live from Friday. So let's see how the movie is in this review.

the story

An officer named SP Lokanathan (Sarath Kumar) works in the crime branch of Tamil Nadu. He is a very strict officer on duty. An officer named Prakash (Ashok Selvan) comes to work with him as a train DSP officer. Veena (Nikhila Vimala) also works as a technical assistant with SP Lokanathan. But the responsibility of investigating a murder case in Tiruchi falls on these three. As this case is being investigated, more serial murders happen. And have they caught the suspect who is doing the murders in this series? What are the conditions faced by them in this order? What happened in the end is the story of this movie.

How is it?

Generally, thriller and crime Movies have two main elements. Who did it? why did Directors make crime Movies based on these. The director continued the same trend in the case of the movie “Por Tolil”. But as long as we watch this movie, we think we know everything. But the twists given by the director make us sit on the edge of the seat. And in the first off of this movie, the director has written the story in such a way that the audience can understand it. A young woman's body is seen by the police patrolling at night. After that, the director gets straight into the story without any delay. He goes on to introduce the roles of SP, Trainee DSP and Technical Assistant. An SP and a trainee DSP with conflicting mindsets investigate the young woman's murder case, and as they get evidence one by one, the story runs as expected by the audience. The director continues the same tempo till the interval. In the second half, he took it to a higher speed. Pre-climax, climax ended in a range. With this, the audience is sure to sit on the edge of the seat.

SP Lokanathan, Trainee DSP Prakash.. Murder cases are being investigated in the course of Guru's murders. Here all the scenes written by the director are understandable to the general audience. When we watch the scenes like field training and explaining how the murder happened, we get the feeling that we are there. At the same time, Prakash's simple comedy with his innocence makes us laugh.. And the way these scenes are linked to the climax seems superb. We cannot help but appreciate the director's brilliant writing in this regard. Unlike a crime thriller, the message at the end is reminiscent of Rakshasan. But do people become psychos because of that one thing? Doubt comes.

How did you do it..

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