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Praveena : Hard work.. with an investment of 1800.. 100 crore company.. how is it possible?

Praveena: The life of this young man is perfect for the above saying that the harder you work, the better the result. Somewhere in Davana Gere town of Karnataka, he is a native of Devara Honnali village and created a 100 crore company with an investment of just 1800. Although it is surprising to read..this is true for all three. Moreover, the young man is from a completely poor background.

Praveena was born in Honnali village to a poor peasant laborer family. The school in that village taught only up to class seven. Moreover, the village did not have proper electricity supply. Pravina, who studied in a local school up to the 7th standard with the desire to study, used to walk daily to the school which is 7 km away from his village for the upper classes. He used to go to work on holidays. If he went to work like that, they would give him six rupees. They serve his expenses. So he walked to school every day and studied hard. Passed in class 10. Pravina was the only one who passed class 10 directly in their village.

After passing 10, Praveena's father shifted his residence to Davana Gere for further studies. He settled there in a slum. Praveena joined a local college and started studying inter. He works in a pharmacy in the evenings. He earns up to 600 per month. It would help pay for his books. So Pravina completed his degree and PG. In 2006, from the famous food brand Parle Company, he worked in companies like Coca-Cola, Wipro, Oyo. As he works in the sales department, he has a lot of contact with people. Praveena met Satyajit Prasad while working at Coca Cola. After that Satya Jeet joined OYO. After he joined, he also took Praveena into it.

When Praveena was working at OYO in Mysore, its founder Ritesh Agarwal was impressed by the performance. Praveena lost his job during covid. It was around that time that he was influenced by the film Guru based on the life of Reliance Industries founder Dhirubhai Ambani. After that, he left his wife and son with his parents and focused on his local business. He started a renewable energy based business named Swadeshi Group in Mysore. His initial investment for that business was only 1800. With that 1800 he got the company registered. After that he started selling solar water heaters in tier-2 and 3 cities of Karnataka. So the company started manufacturing all the electrical devices that are powered by solar. Due to its quality and durability, consumers have come forward to buy the products of the Swadeshi group. His wife Chinmaya supported Praveena every step of the way. Currently she is one of the founders of Swadeshi Group. Swadeshi Group has grown step by step within four years. Now it has emerged as a company worth 100 crores.

Swadeshi Group manufactures solar water heaters, inverters, batteries, water purifiers, automatic water level controllers, air heat pumps and other products that work with solar power. Apart from that Swadeshi Group is also running franchise business. Estimated amount up to ten lakhs is being accepted for setting up a showroom at least. Born in a remote village somewhere, he created a 100 crore company with only 18 investments. He is working hard to improve the company. This is what they call the fruit of hard work.

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