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Puli Meka Review

Puli Meka Review

Puli Meka Review: Title: Tiger Goat (Web Series)
Release Date: 2023-02-24
Actors: Lavanya Tripathi, Adi Sai Kumar, Suman, Raja, Spanda Palli, Goparaju Ramana
Director: K Chakraborty Reddy
Producer: Kona Venkat
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Streaming Platform: G 5

Tired of fighting on the silver screen, Adi Sai Kumar took the digital path. He made a web series with the title Puli Meka. But the main character in this series is Lavanya Tripathi. Her situation is also the same. The fade out stage is reached with a series of plops. Due to lack of film offers, digital series are accepted. In fact, digital content is the future. Samantha, Raashi Khanna, Kajal and Tamannaah are already doing serials and Movies. And has the digital sector joined Adi-Lavanya?


Kiran Prabha (Lavanya Tripathi) is a sincere and daring police officer. Solves many difficult cases and gets a good reputation in the department. One day Kiran Prabha gets a call from Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anurag Narayan (Suman). They call to come urgently regarding a case. He is entrusted with the responsibility of solving the mystery of police murders in Hyderabad city. Prabhakar Sharma (Adi Saikumar), a forensic expert, comes forward to help in this case.

A serial killer becomes more dangerous. It is known that his target is not only the police, but also kills others at random. And did Kiran Prabha touch this case? What is the connection between Prabhakar Sharma's family and the serial killer? Who is this serial killer? Why is he killing? This is the story of the tiger and the goat.


The title alone gives an idea of ​​how the movie is going to be. A mind game between the police and the serial killer. Investigation drama. If there is an interesting hunt in the story of the tiger and the goat, it cannot be said that it is completely S. The seriousness emotion in the story is reduced. Screenplay is the lifeblood of crime thrillers. Because all stories are the same. It should be exciting to see what happens next. If it can't do that, the drama won't bleed. In that regard, director K Chakraborty Reddy seemed to have no problem.

Puli Meka Review

Puli Meka Review

But choosing Lavanya Tripathi, who has a homely and soft heroine image, for a serious cop role is an adventure. No matter how much mass attitude Lavanya Tripathi tried, she was not set. She seems unable to do justice to the role. There are more scenes without logic and silly points. The 8 episode series picks up a bit from the 6th episode onwards. The twists in the 7th and 8th episodes will be entertaining. Adi Sai Kumar was impressed.

Last word:
Die hard fans of crime thrillers will enjoy the Puli Meka series quite a bit. Driven with decent twists and some engaging scenes. The final episodes are delightful. But illogical scenes, poor screenplay, Lavanya Tripathi's set but character have damaged the series. You can try once as time pass.

Rating: 2.75/5

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