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Ravi Prakash Released The Election Results In The Name Of Game Changer Through Rtv

Ravi Prakash: After a long time the famous journalist Ravi Prakash came to the screen. He released the election results under the name Game Changer through his YouTube channel RTV. Ravi Prakash said that the Congress party will get majority seats in the parliamentary elections in Telangana. He announced that the TDP alliance will form the power in the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. Ravi Prakash's courage here should be appreciated. Because most of the media organizations are not able to tell the victory and defeat of the election so clearly. Even the channels that blow the trumpets of political parties cannot do such courage. But because Ravi Prakash is stubborn, he did that. Well, the credibility of this, on what basis the survey was conducted, how many samples were taken, and what questions were asked, is not discussed, but some of the points said by Ravi Prakash are of interest. It is also true that this situation is hidden by spending money on panchdu schemes and neglecting development. Ravi Prakash said the same directly. His beauty in journalism is the same.

If not, it is a bit doubtful whether the results will be as Ravi Prakash said. Because politics does not end so easily in AP. In the last election, many people said that YCP will come to power, but they could not say that it was a one-sided victory. Now Ravi Prakash is also saying that TDP coalition is in power.. Jagan will not give up power so easily. In Ravi Prakash's survey, it is not a common thing that YCP is getting seats at the level of Dhi means Dhi. Ravi Prakash's team, which conducted a survey at the field level, could not tell why YCP is winning in some areas. In the background of the propaganda that there is opposition to the government, YCP could not explain why the MLAs are winning.

Ravi Prakash said that he came forward to save journalism before revealing these results. Journalism is blowing the trumpets of major parties. But this is where Ravi Prakash needs to understand one thing. What is Ravi Prakash's assets when he worked in Suprabhatam magazine? How much did Teja earn while working in TV? What was his salary when TV9 started? Why did you come out of it? Why are you still facing court cases? Why the quarrel with the journalist named Raghu? Why did the YouTube channel Tolivelugu suddenly change its tone? Why is RTV supporting TDP alliance in elections? After answering so many questions, Ravi Prakash.

In fact a responsible news channel should not reveal any results before the elections. Exit polls will also be revealed as per the rules of the Election Commission. But, Ravi Prakash's announcement of the election results as the proverbial new salaried person is remarkable.. Ravi Prakash who repeatedly talks about morals and virtues.. and how did he forget this matter.. The media has never sold out. The sale will continue. Because there is a demand for it in the market. Earlier Ravi Prakash also sold media. Otherwise the way he sold it was too expensive. If he comes up on the screen now… and says that he will uplift journalism… there is no one who would believe so madly. At the same time, no one took the election results announced by Ravi Prakash seriously. After they have their teams.. After they have their network.. Ravi Prakash is a game changer that is being promoted in a big way. Because these are not TV9 launch days..

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