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The RTC unions say that if the government conducts an armed inquiry into this matter, many things will come to light.

Revanth Reddy: 'Retired Burden 1,049' imposed on Revanth by KCR

Revanth Reddy: If the surplus budget of 16 thousand crores is given, the debt is more than five lakh crores. The Kaleswaram upliftment scheme has collapsed in the form of Medigadda if it is being built while promoting it as livelihood. Annaram Pump House has built sandbanks. Mallanna Sagar is in earthquake zone. The power department has more debts than assets. If you look everywhere, there are debts.. many problems.. As a result, I don't know what kind of efforts Revanth Reddy will make to correct them, but.. Recently, Revanth Reddy has ordered the government officials to give him the list of how many retired officers are rooted in various departments. As per the orders of the Chief Minister, if the officials calculate how many retired employees there are in various departments, the eye-popping facts will come to light.

The General Administration Department has sent a report to the government that there are a total of 1049 retired officers working in various departments in the entire state. In view of the fact that the Chief Minister is on a foreign visit, it has been announced that it will be presented after his return. Officials say that if the Chief Minister takes a decision, there will be a clarity on their removal. Maximum 179 officials in Municipal Administration Department, 88 in Education Department, 75 in Civil Supplies Department, 70 in Roads and Buildings Department and 48 in Panchayat Raj Department are still working despite being retired. As the Bharatiya Rashtra Samithi came to power for two terms.. the government leaders of that day continued to appoint people favorable to them as consultants, advisors and EANCs. Officials from a particular social group who are favored by their government chiefs are brought in and placed in key posts even though they have retired many years ago. However, most of them give orders as “Until Further Orders'' without clarifying the term. With the allocation of all the facilities like salaries in lakhs, provision of vehicles, staff allotment, the burden of hundreds of crores has fallen on the government every year. It is reported that the government has paid 150 crores per month and 1800 crores per year as wages to 1049 retired employees.

The previous government appointed five retired IAS in key posts. Arvinder Singh, who was working in the Protocol Department in the Secretariat, Anil Kumar, the Endowment Commissioner, Aadhar Sinha as the Special CS in the Customer Department, Rani Kaumudi as the Special CS in the Labor Department, and Umar Jalil in the Minority Welfare Department were appointed by the then government. But it seems that Revanth Reddy's government is likely to relieve them. A woman consultant in RTC is being paid a salary of 7 lakhs. The RTC union says that she is acting as a coordinator between the corporation and the software developing company. It is reported that the software company is related to a friend of a senior official in RTC and is paying up to eight crores per year for providing IT services to the company. It seems that another retired IPS officer has been appointed as the CEO and is being paid a salary of 1.5 lakhs per month. It is reported that a senior official in Bus Bhawan has appointed many people with a salary of more than one lakh through outsourcing method. It seems that 6.5 lakhs are being paid in the form of salaries to the outsourced and retired officers in RTC every month. The RTC unions say that if the government conducts an armed inquiry into this matter, many things will come to light.


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