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Director Ratnam Krishna has directed this film by creating an interest in the struggles of the Hero through the heroine, the quarrels between the two, and whether they will meet or separate in the end.

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Rules Ranjan Review: Kiran Abbavaram is one of the heroes who has gained a good recognition among the audience by doing a series of films regardless of hit and flop in the Telugu film industry. The movie Rules Ranjan that came out this week as his Hero… while watching some Movies, we connect with the characters and enjoy them regardless of the story… Such Movies do not need much story and such Movies are mostly successful in engaging the audience. And let us try to know how much the movie Rules Ranjan has gained the audience's support…

First of all, when it comes to this story, a person named Ranjan works in a software company. Everyone in that company calls his rules as Ranjan's rules because of the rules he set. In this sequence, heroine Neha Shetty works in the same company and becomes his good friend. Director Ratnam Krishna has directed this film by creating an interest in the struggles of the Hero through the heroine, the quarrels between the two, and whether they will meet or separate in the end. But to know whether the Hero solves all these problems or not, you have to watch this movie

Now let's try to do a brief analysis about this movie. The director tried to run this movie as a comedy from the beginning to the end…Kiran Abbavaram acting as Ranjan is much better in this movie compared to the previous Movies. It must be said that he has given a mature performance as an actor, doing justice to every scene he has done… However, the director of this film, Ratnam Krishna, has gone ahead by using the elements that make the film successful… Part of that is the comedy in this film with Vennela Kishore, Sudarshan, Hyper Adi etc. He entertained the audience while doing it. He also showed Ajay and Abhimanyu Singh well in this movie. Also, without missing the intensity of this movie, he balanced both the emotion and the comedy and took the movie forward and gave such a commercial movie, which kind of movie an audience wants.

And in some scenes, the writing written by the director helped a lot. He tried his best to make every scene look amazing to the audience and the song Sammohanuda which was released earlier in this movie became a super duper hit. That's why the audience had good expectations about this movie. So with those expectations, this movie is also getting good openings..

And Neha Shetty, who played the heroine in this movie, has earned a name as a lucky hand in the industry with successive successes of her previous Movies. The plus points of this movie are Kiran Abbavaram's acting. Also, the comedy of Hyper Aadi, Vennela Kishore, and Neha Shetty's beauty. Most of the film is a plus. Also, the audience will enjoy the visuals of the song Sammohanuda.

When it comes to the music of this movie, the music given by Ambrish Ganesh, the music director, is very good. Especially the Sammohanuda song was loved by the audience. Also, the background score given by him is also good. Meher Chahel, who played the second heroine, also acted very well within her scope. The cinematography of this movie is also very good and the editing could have been done a bit sharper here and there.

What are the minus points in this movie, it would have been better if the story had been written a little more gripping. Also the way the director executed some scenes was not good. There are many artistes but they are not used properly… Overall this movie will be liked by the audience who like normal comedy Movies. Also those who don't like routine Movies will not like this movie so much…

rating 2.75/5…

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