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Every Hero fan loves Venkatesh very much. Because he spoke bad about any Hero. Also, they don't take a step back to make films with other heroes with egos.

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Saindhav Review: Venkatesh is the Hero who has got a very good fan following in the Telugu film industry. As many fans as all heroes have, half of them are haters. But Venkatesh has no anti-fans. Every Hero fan loves Venkatesh very much. Because he spoke bad about any Hero. Also, they don't take a step back to make films with other heroes with egos.

That is why every fan adores him. He has already done multi-starrer Movies with heroes like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Ram and Varun Tej. If a film comes from Venkatesh, the family audience will have good expectations on that film. And if a film from such Venkatesh came for Sankranti, it must be said that it is a festival for the family audience. Let's try to find out how the movie Saindhav, which was released today as a gift for Sankranthi, has impressed the audience or whether this movie has a chance to be a Sankranthi winner or not…

the story

First, when it comes to the story of this movie, a man named Saindhav (Venkatesh) is leading a happy life with his wife Manojna and his daughter Gayatri. Also, his daughter means life to him and that's why he drops the baby at school every day and brings her back home. While leading such a happy life, one day the baby faints and falls down. When he takes her to the hospital, Venkatesh comes to know a terrible truth. What it means is that the baby suffers from 'neuromuscular' disease.

And what is the solution for this i.e. an injection should be done to reduce this disease. Doctors say that this baby will survive only if that is the case. But the cost of the injection is 17 crores, Saindhav, who leads a middle class life, does not have that much money, so when he is thinking how to save his daughter, Vikas Mallik (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) tells Saindhav to do something because he has an injection for his daughter's survival. What is it that earlier in a fight between Saindhav and Vikas Mallik, Saindhav hides an important container belonging to Vikas Mallik and tells him to bring it and give it to him and take the injection. And what is the fight between Saindhav and Vikas Mallik..? Why did Saindhav hide Vikas's containers..if you want to know the full story of whether Saindhav survived his daughter or not, you have to watch this movie


Director Shailesh Kolan is mostly remembered for his suspense thriller films. Because he had earlier done two Movies Hit and Hit 2 and got good success. He took this movie with very slow narration for the first 30 minutes after it started. It took him a lot of time to build each character. But we get the idea why he took so much time to build the character. However, judging by the story shown by him after that, it seems that there is nothing wrong with him spending more time for his character establishment. The first half of the movie is slow narration, but in the second half it goes with an amazing interesting elements. In the first half, Shailesh Kolan, who gave a small twist, played a very strong second half. Every scene is interesting. However, the action sequences between the villain and the Hero in such a sequence are brilliantly shot.

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