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Prabhas fans have set a lot of expectations on this movie with consecutive flops. And how is this movie, did it bring Prabhas a hit? or ? Let's try to find out whether Prashanth Neel has done another magic with the making or not.

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Salaar Review: Salaar Siege Fire movie directed by Prashant Neel starring Prabhas released today amid huge expectations. After Baahubali 2, Prabhas's three films have flopped consecutively, so Prabhas' fans are expecting a lot from this film. And how is this movie, did it bring Prabhas a hit? or ? Let's try to find out if Prashanth Neel has done another magic with the making…

If we first go into the story of the movie, Raja Manner (Jagapati Babu) is the ruler of an empire called Khansar. Like him, there are some rulers in some areas. But Raja Manner thinks that he should see Varada Raja Manner, his son, as a noble when he is still alive. But for a few years, before some parts of Varada Raja Manner returned, the conditions here would all change. A fight starts for the chair and the rest of the nobles come together to plan to kill Varada Raja Manner. So they all come with their army on Varada Raja Mannar then Varadaraja Mannar takes his friend Deva (Prabhas) as his army. Has he got the kingdom or not? If you want to know how Adhya (Shruti Haasan) got into the original Deva Life, you have to watch this movie

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When it comes to the analysis of this movie, director Prashant Neel has tried to show the world called Khansar in this movie. In this movie, he has shown the elevation scenes and action episodes very well. Prashanth Neel has been making elevation istu movie graph up and down to match Prabhas' body language. Also, using Prabhas in a huge range, he has shown his mark of elevations at peak levels. Prashant Neel has used Prabhas in a range that no director has used in recent times…and in some fight sequences, he not only brought immense joy to the audience but also made some particular scenes as highlights…Ravi Basrur, who provided the music for this movie, gave the background music well. It has to be said that he has helped a lot to elevate the scenes… Although the movie seems okay till the first off, but in the second half, the story goes on trying to build the world of Khansar. The movie is a bit boring for every viewer. But the reason why he used all this setup is that Salar took the seeds from here for the second part. That makes it all seem a bit boring to the average viewer. But the world building has to be done here, so he has been doing it. If this is the case, I don't know from what point of view Prashant Neel wanted to make this film with Prabhas, but he brought the story of his first film, Ugram, added some spices to it and named it Salaar, with the big Hero Pan. He made it as an Indian film. While making a film with a star Hero, we should come up with a good story, but it is not correct to say that we are making a Pan India film by remaking an already made story. Because it is like pushing the audience to watch the Ugram movie which they have already seen again. Prashant Neel should know why he made a film with such a poor story even knowing Prabhas's potential.

Film means that one should be proficient in all crafts, but the story should be extraordinary. Apart from that, it must be said that Prashant Neel is making a mistake by adding the emotions of friendship and mother to make a complete movie. Before this, mother sentiment was already worked out in KGF. The same sentiment doesn't work out all the time, so it doesn't matter if there is a mother's sentiment in this movie, but it would have been better if there was more focus on the story. This is the mistake that all our directors are making, focusing on the second part and not telling the story clearly, that is why the audience is losing interest in the film. Why do they torture the people…and if this is the case, the fight between Prabhas and Pridhviraj Sukumaran at the end is the emotion of both of them fighting, but we don't get it. It is special that it does not come anywhere in this movie

It would be good if Prashant Neel changed his strategy and made Movies with deep stories, he is focusing on part one and part two and not focusing much on the story. If Kanaka Prabhas is shown in a film with the same depth as how he made Mirchi with Shiv Prabhas, how he made films like Rajamouli Chhatrapati and Baahubali, Prabhas is a star Hero who has the capacity to make the film a number one hit in the world. Prashant Neel is foolish to think that the film will be successful if the film is made based on only fights without designing it properly… There should be emotional scenes which means that the story should be perfect to take care of the build of those scenes first. Without it, no matter how many crying scenes and fighting scenes, the audience will not be able to receive it.

And when it comes to the performance of artists, Prabhas has shown his universality as an actor in this movie. In some scenes though, Prabhas showed a lot of his gestures which he has not shown in any movie before…Prithvi Raj Sukumaran also acted well to the extent of his role. In some scenes, he not only showed his cruelty brilliantly, but also perfectly justified the scene with his acting. And since Shruti Haasan's character is also very small, she has to be some sort of heroine, except that there is not much importance to her character and Jagapathi Babu's character is also somewhat insignificant. And all the other characters also seemed ok…

When it comes to the technical aspects of this movie, the music given by Ravi Basurar, who has provided the music for this movie, is very good. Also the visuals shown by cinematographer Bhuvan Goud are also good. Some of the visuals are top of the notch though. Editor Ujwal Kulkarni cut most of the unnecessary scenes shot by Prashant Neel. The length is very neat in the first off. But in the second half, Ujwal's editing performance was seen, but the director seems to be somewhat hesitant in portraying the matter in the scenes, so we feel that the second half is a bit laggy…that is a complete director's mistake…and the production values ​​of this movie are also very good. Also, the sets used for this movie are on a different level…

And the plus points in this movie are…

Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran
Some action episodes…

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