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Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu Review

Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu Review: There has been a complete change in the audience's taste after covid. As a result OTTs were born. But these are not limited to just streaming Movies. More and more content is being streamed to impress the audience. “Aha” is one of those. It has been able to withstand huge OTTs because of its genuine content. One such OTT has now made a movie titled “Satthi Gani Rendekaralu” starring Jagdish alias Keshav who gained immense popularity through Pushpa The Rising. This movie is produced by Mythri movie Makers. Abhinav directed the film. This movie was released directly on Aha OTT. But let's see in this review what kind of result this movie gave to Jagdish who got his first break through the movie Pushpa.

The story is..

Satthi (Jagadish Bandari) lives in a remote village of Telangana by driving an auto. Along with his friend Anji (Raj Thiran Das), he does petty thefts. But Satti has a son and a daughter. But suddenly the daughter falls ill. Doctors say that the treatment will cost lakhs of rupees. Satti is already living in poverty with debts. But the only property of that Satti was two acres of land given by his grandfather. Satti's grandfather says that mother does not want that land under any circumstances. Satti is not very interested in selling the land despite the hardships that come with that sentiment. But there will be an inevitable situation to sell that land. The village sarpanch (Muralidhar Goud) takes a party.. Just when he is thinking of selling the land, an incident happens in Satya's life. An unknown person gets into a car accident. Satthi finds a suit case in the car at the scene. So what's in that suit case? How did that suitcase change your life? That is the rest of the story.

How did it go?

The story of this movie starts with grandfather telling Satthi about two acres of land as a child. Later, the director gradually takes Satthi and his family, Papa's illness and two acres of land into the story. But the director seems to have taken more time for these scenes. After the car accident the film takes a bit of a dark comedy turn. Satti finding the suit case, taking it to Anji, and trying to open the suit case seems okay, but they are not the most natural. The pace of the story does not pick up after finding the suit case. But here the director writes very slow scenes and the story feels slow going. Of course, in a dark comedy like this, the twists should be engaging. Only then will the audience connect. But there are no such elements in this movie. As a result it didn't work out much. Riyaz's role is also very important in this movie. But if the scenes were written to threaten his character, Anji and Satti's characters, the story would have been more exciting.

Like a Hollywood movie..

Moreover, this movie has similarities with the Hollywood movie “I Care A Lot”. Moreover, there is not much interest in Anji's love story. The family scenes between Anji and Andamma are shot very naturally.. but the title of the movie is either Satti or Two Acres.. Satti's efforts for those two acres are not seen much. Satti's desire for land also does not seem great. Although the suit case drama has the potential to be exciting, the director could not use it properly.

How did everyone act?

As far as acting is concerned, Jagdish lives up to the role of Satthi. Especially in the scene of Batimilade not going to his wife's place, he acted brilliantly. He acted with such ease in this movie to continue the recognition given to him by the movie Pushpa. Raj Theeran Das too is convincing in his role. But this character could have been written better. Vennela Kishore got a role with very low TDP. Although he is a good comedian, the director seems to have not used him properly. Mohana Sri who played Satthi's wife and Anisha Dama who appeared as Anji's girlfriend seemed to be okay. Muralidhar Goud, Bitthiri Satthi and Riyaz have acted to their extent. It is seen on the phone screen that there are budget limits for this film. Camera work and music sounds okay.

In making it understandable..

And the director failed to tell the story in a comprehensible way even though he sent it to look up. We have seen the scenes between a common man who finds the most valuable thing, the characters who do not know its value, and the scenes between them in many Movies. But this story also goes into their scope. Apart from that, it is not a movie to brag about. Since it was released directly in OTT, there is not much risk for the producers. The film is made with Telugu content and has known Actors, so the audience can watch it easily.

Rating: 2.5/5

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