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Are these the worst films done by our senior star heroes in their career

Senior Star Heroes: All the heroes in the film industry choose diverse storylines to create an image for themselves and continue to be successful heroes. At this time, every film they made not only became a super success in the industry but also brought them a separate fan following. And if good Movies are made in this order, the market of heroes will also increase hugely. Apart from that, if you keep doing normal Movies, the heroes get flops and their image gets damaged again. But even though the heroes have done many successful films in their entire career, there are also flops. They will continue to be successful heroes in life only if they bear them and move forward.

But our heroes describe some Movies as worst Movies. Even our heroes are often worried about why they did those films. Especially senior heroes like Chiranjeevi, Balayya, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna etc. Let's find out some of the worst Movies in their careers…


First of all, when it comes to Chiranjeevi, most of his films have received super successes, but Stuart Puram Police Station remained a disaster in Chiranjeevi's career. It must be said that Chiranjeevi suffered a lot by making this film. And the director of this movie is Yandamuri Virendranath. And Chiranjeevi completed the entire film and released it by appointing a different director if he left the film in the middle of the film because he did not want to handle this film. Overall, this movie remains a disaster.

In addition to this, what is another movie that is said to be the worst movie in Chiranjeevi's entire career, which is Mrigaraju… Although this movie was made with the inspiration of a Hollywood movie, the screenplay in the movie made a difference, but this movie remained a disaster. And these two films can be said to be the worst films in Chiranjeevi's entire career…


In Nagarjuna's career, the film Shiva made him a mass Hero, but his film 'Rakshakudu' remains the worst film in Pan India. This movie was not successful in any language. Along with that, it also brought huge losses… In addition to this, the film Bhai, directed by Veerbhadram Chaudhary, was also a huge disaster for Nagarjuna…


There are many disaster films in Balayya's career. The list of his worst Movies includes Okkamagadu, Vijayendra Varma and Veerabhadra. It must be said that the three films were not used in any way and damaged his image to a great extent.


In the career of Venkatesh, the film Shadow with Meher Ramesh can be said to be the worst film. Even Venkatesh is not clear why he made this film…

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