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In the end, every human being has some animal instinct. The beast (Satan) is hidden. Don't try to show it. V. Raghav did. As he said earlier, this is not a web series for family audience.

Shaitan Web Series Review Shaitan Web Series ReviewTelangana..” title=”Shaitan Web Series Review : Shaitan Web Series Review : Birth of Greyhounds..The story behind the end of Naxals in Telangana..” class=”lozad”>

Web Series : Saitan

Actors: Starring Rishi, Shelly, Ravi Kale, Devyani Sharma, Zafar Sadiq, Nitin Prasanna, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Manikandan. Eclipse: Shanmukha is beautiful
Music: Sriram Madhuri
Producers: Mahi V Raghav, Chinna Vasudev Reddy
Written, Directed by: Mahi V Raghav.

Shaitan Web Series Review : Web series are getting more popular than Movies after covid. Renowned directors are also willing to make web series, there are no censor issues and big production companies are involved in it, so the audience is also interested. Web series which were once limited only to Hollywood.. Now Telugu dramas are also buzzing. One such web series is “Saitan”. It is streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star. In this regard, the trailer released on YouTube made the audience interested. A section of audience showed interest in it due to violent scenes and dialogues. So how is this web series..

This web series is directed by Mahi V Raghav. Earlier he directed the web series Yatra, Anandobrahma, Pictures, Save the Tigers. All these are watched by family audience. It is completely different when it comes to Satan.

The problem of Naxalites was once serious in united Andhra Pradesh. There is no attempt made by the then government to curb the activities of the Naxalites. It was in such a context that a Naxalite named Vijay Kumar became a useless stick for the government. The government formed a police force called Greyhounds to arrest him. Even though Vijay Kumar was killed in the end, what happened in between is still a mystery. But taking cinematic liberty to these, Mahi Vee Raghav created a web series called Saitan. Raghav has said on many occasions that this web series with episodes is made keeping in mind only one section of audience. So how is this web series..

The story is

Savitri (Shelley Nabu Kumar) has three children Bali (Rishi), Jaya (Devayani Sharma) and Gumti (Zaffar Sadiq). After her husband leaves her, a policeman is forced to take care of the children. Bali moves around as the society talks about his mother in different ways. When the policeman who comes for his mother lays eyes on his sister, Bali chops off his head. Bali goes to jail for killing a policeman. How did he become a criminal after that? How many people did he kill? How did he go into the army? Why did he quarrel with the leadership of the army? How did the actual state home minister put a revolver on his forehead? What is Kalavati's role in Bali travel? What was the journey with police officer Nagireddy? Mahi V Raghav tries to answer these questions through a 9 episode web series.

How is it?

If the head is cut with a knife, blood will flow. The resentment that is hidden in the mind is extinguished at once. The above two sentences are enough to talk about Bali's life in this movie. Because Bali is a victim. He started making mistakes in necessary situations. In the end he did the same. Many Telugu drama films have been made with the biographies of such people. The difference between them and Saitan is that it is a web series and the whole series is depicted boldly as there is no censor. That is, hard reality is strongly shown. In this web series there are a lot of mind-blowing scenes. There are also many scenes of rape of women. There are also dialogues in unwritten language. In one word, there is not only violence, sex, and boohoo in Saitan.. Moreover.. if Bali and his family members are committing murders.. Mahi V Raghav has made this web series to such an extent that they feel that there is nothing wrong in doing so. And with the rest of the departments also standing behind him… this series came as he expected. The scene where Bali tells the children that they should not be in a situation where they can't tell, the scene where Jaya hugs the speechless auto driver.. will shake the checks. But in such a rough series, they got better. This society says different things if a woman without a husband has a relationship with another woman. Mahivi Raghav asked the community. From the very first episode, Raghav was taken into the world of Satan. Although in the past many Movies have shown that everything from land raids to settlements is happening in jails, but in this web series it feels new. But the web series seems to be a bit down when the story takes a bit of a turn from Bali and Family. And the scenes in the background of the army and the police are not so impressive. They seem to lengthen the series. Is it possible for the Home Minister to give a rowdy sheeter to Dum and leave? This web series cannot be seen if you put such logics under a magnifying glass.

Who did it and how?

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