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Siddharth Roy Movie Review : సిద్ధార్థ్ రాయ్ మూవీ ఫుల్ రివ్యూ…

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Siddharth Roy movie Review : Every 30 years, the ideas of the directors who make a movie, the preferences of the audience who watch the Movies change. Ram Gopal Varma created a sensation with the movie Siva in the year 1990. He became a torch bearer for the entire Telugu film industry. Since then, all the directors have been making films on the same route he laid. In the year 2017, a director named Sandeep Reddy Vanga shook the entire Telugu film industry with the film 'Arjun Reddy' and grabbed the attention of the audience.

He was successful in making Arjun Reddy's film with the concept of not making films that the audience likes, but making a story that we like in a way that the audience likes. Since then, many directors have been making films in the same format. And now a new director named Yashasvi has made a movie called 'Siddharth Roy'. While watching the trailer of this movie, Arjun Reddy flavor is visible. Whether it is in the Hero's body language, costumes, hair style, behavior or attitude, it is as if Arjun Reddy has been brought down as an age tease. And even the movie nerds who have seen the trailer of this movie are describing this movie as Arjun Reddy 2.0… and how is this movie? Like Arjun Reddy's movie, this movie is also a huge blockbuster hit.? Has Yashasvi, a new director, succeeded in his first attempt? Or let us find out through a brief analysis…

the story

First, when it comes to the story of this movie, a big businessman named Pradeep Roy (Anand Bharti) has a son named Siddharth Roy (Deepak Saroj). By reading all the books related to philosophy by the age of 12, Siddhartha Roy gives importance only to logic and does not really care about emotions. Whatever is supposed to happen happens according to logic. He is a character who strongly believes that emotions make people weak and not strong. So if he feels hungry, he eats leaves to fill his stomach and sleeps on the road. He uses whoever is close to him in the mood. After all, he believes that only food, sleep and sex are important for man. And the Hero with similar character meets a girl named Indumati (Tanvi Negi). Her religion believes that emotions are very important in our life. How can such a girl be loved by Siddharth Roy. And he opened this movie with the point of how the Hero, who only believes in logic, got transferred to emotions. And to know whether Indumati and Siddharth Roy met at the end, you have to watch this movie


When it comes to the analysis of this movie, director Yashaswi has designed the Hero character in this movie in such a way that he believes only in logic and does not give value to emotions. After the first half of this movie is over, in the second half, he shows a changeover in the Hero as a highly emotional person. So much so that within a moment his emotions are changing in various ways… But although the story chosen by Yashaswi for this movie is good, he is very hesitant in presenting it on screen. It is easy to understand that he is very confused because this is his first time. Also, the heroine acted very boldly. There are some scenes in this movie that the family cannot watch for small children. It should be said that one scene between logic and emotions in this movie is the highlight of this movie. Except for that one scene, there are no scenes in this movie that engage the audience in a big way. Although the first half seems okay, the second half of the film is very worst.

The Hero who gets emotional by the heroine loves the heroine immensely in the second half. That love will become a curse for him… The heroine has acted very well in the second half in the character that balances the emotions of the Hero. But the director does not focus much on this point, the Hero's emotions are left out of balance. Writing the screenplay in such a way that no one can balance them has become a big minus point for this movie. Siddharth Roy listens to Indu, the heroine on one stage. It would have been enough to show that the Hero is balancing his emotions psychologically by running the second half on that he controls his emotions. But designing a character in such a way that he can't balance his emotions for someone seems realistic, but the audience watching the movie could not digest the absurdities caused by it. There are also some illogical scenes in this movie. While the Hero and heroine are going in a night Benz car, a person riding a bike on the road teases them. Then the Hero controls his emotions. Why does a person who goes in a Benz car comment on a person who goes on a bike? It is a very illogical scene. If there had been any quarrel with him earlier, then he targeted them and made a comment, then it may seem logical.

But I don't understand why an unrelated person would tease people who are going in a car. A big fight sequence takes place through it. It all seems illogical to the audience… and some scenes seem to be over-designed… and there is not a single scene that gives highs anywhere in the movie. The entire plot of the film goes. And according to that, the movie started somewhere and ended somewhere else. The Taluk impact of those scenes written on paper could not be presented on the screen…and in this movie only Arjun Reddy's look was copied. It has little to do with it. Because Arjun Reddy is a classical film… Not every film becomes Arjun Reddy just because the Hero grows a beard and hair and has four bold scenes. It is only because of Sandeep Reddy Vanga that such films can be made.

Performance of artists

And Deepak Saroj, who played Siddharth Roy, acted as a child artist in many films earlier. It must be said that becoming a Hero with this movie is a good thing. But in this movie, although his looks are okay, in some scenes, it seems that he is not well suited to the script. Even his expressions could not create such an impact. The Hero looked the same when he had hair and a beard. But after removing the beard, we couldn't see the clean shaven look… Tanvi Negi, the heroine, portrayed her role perfectly. Although she acted in bold scenes, she gave a very mature performance in terms of acting… and Nandini Ellareddy, who played the role of the Hero Maradalu, acted well in the supporting character of the Hero. Always protecting the Hero and acting like a close friend of the Hero, she showed a good performance in that role. And Anand Bharti acted very settled in the Hero's father character. Apart from them, there are no significant characters in this movie.

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