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Sundaram Master Movie Review: సుందరం మాస్టర్ మూవీ రివ్యూ…
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Sundaram Master movie Review: Currently, all the comedians in the film industry are trying their luck by becoming heroes. Recently Monna Satyam Rajesh became a Hero with the film Polimera and achieved good success. With that, he also made the film Polimera 2 and received praise from the critics. And now Viva Harsha also became a movie Hero and made a movie called 'Sundaram Masteru'. His career started from short films on YouTube and he has climbed one step higher by playing roles as a comedian and Hero's friend in many films. And now the movie 'Sundaram Masteru' in which he is the Hero has been released today. And let us try to find out whether he who became a Hero with this movie was successful in his first attempt or not…

the story

First, when it comes to this story, a man named Sundaram Masteru works as a social teacher in a government school. He likes money very much. As he has become a government teacher, now he hopes that he will get more dowry if he gets married. At the same time, the local MLA in that area came to the school one day and tested all the teachers there. Recognizing the talent of Sundaram Master, he assigns him a task. What is it? There is a town called Miriyala Metta. It has been around 90 years since people have been living there regardless of the world. So far they have not asked anyone for any help, first they wrote to me as an MLA asking for a master to teach them English. Now you should go and work as an English master for them, he says. Since they have been living there for all these years, it means that there is something valuable there, and if you come back in six months after knowing that, Sundaram Master will be tempted by saying that he will give you the post as DEO. Since DEO is a bigger post than a government teacher, he leaves for Miriyala Metta village hoping that if he gets married after becoming DEO, he will get more dowry.

Sundaram Master is surprised to see the people there speaking English. They will argue that the English spoken by Sundaram Master is not correct English… We know that you will not understand English with Sundaram Master, so we are giving you 15 days time. You have to learn all the English and then we will give you an exam. If you pass it, you will work here as an English master. The elder of the village says that they will kill you by hanging. Sundaram is worried that Master is stuck here unnecessarily. But there is a person named Oja who is helping Sundaram Master. Talking about the history of their town, the British came to us in 1920 and enslaved us for our pepper. And then a gentleman came and sent those British people and he settled here and taught us English. We even learned to speak as his son taught us some English words. Otherwise he died and we had to become an English master.

That is why we have written a letter asking for an English master, he says. And with the help of Master Oja, Sundaram, who knows everything about this town, passes the exam set by them. He will be set as an English master for them. And if this is the case, if the master is looking for something valuable here, he will know that the idol of the village deity is the most valuable thing here. So when he went near the idol of the village deity, there was no idol there. What happened to the original statue? Did Sundara Master teach them English completely? If you want to know how Sundara Master got out of there, you have to watch this movie.


As far as the analysis of this movie is concerned, Kalyan Santhosh, the director of the movie, has made this movie very engaging from the beginning to the end. Especially some of the scenes written by him are laughable. Those who live in the area called Miriyala Metta, live without even knowing what the world is like. In fact, they don't even know what a currency note looks like. They don't even know that our country got independence, they live without knowing anything about Gandhiji, the father of our nation. And if the comedy comes when Sundara Master talks about them, it will be very good. Leaving aside the logic in this story, the movie goes in a hilarious mood. It is a difficult task to make such Movies because it is not a common thing to entertain the audience for almost two and a half hours, but director Kalyan has been successful in this regard to a large extent. And since Viva Harsha Miriyala Metta enters the town, the movie runs non-stop without getting bored. He gives a short high moment about the statue and then takes an interval. And the second half will be interesting.

Also money is not the same world for Sundaram Master. The director has also written very well elevating the scenes with emotional touch which show the purity of the nature and the untainted mentality of the people here. Although everything is good, the director struggled a little in creating a three for the entire movie, except for some scenes. As this is his first film, it is very clear that he is hesitant. Also there are a lot of fluff in the direction…and the screenplay written by him also did not create that much impact in the audience…

The performance of the Actors

As far as the performance of the artists is concerned, Viva Harsha took this film forward by doing a one-man show. From any point of view the director has written the story of this film, it must be said that Harsha has portrayed the character of Sundaram Master perfectly without deviating even a little from it. Divya Sripada, the heroine, did not seem to care about her role. And all the other supporting artistes also made it okay. But on the whole, it must be said that Viva Harsha's performance in the role of Sundaram Master is really great. The Harsha seen so far is different, Harsha is different in this movie. It must be said that he gave next level performance in some emotional scenes.

Technical aspects

When it comes to technical aspects, Deepak's visuals for this movie are super. The shots he chooses to cultivate emotion in some scenes are amazing. The visuals presented by him are super in a way that does not spoil the mood of the scene and gives a new feel to the audience watching the movie… And Mr. Charan's music is good. But it has to be said that his music did not fully help in taking the film to the next level. And what we have to say about the art director Chandramouli is that he has designed a town called Miriyala Metta with his sets. It must be said that he has given hundred percent effort to make this movie good…and the production values ​​are good. Ravi Teja has given a good movie to the audience in his first attempt.

Plus points

Viva Harsha
the story
Some scenes

Minus points

Direction in some scenes


Our rating for this movie is 2.75/5

The last line

Viva Harsha can be seen once for acting…

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