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Sunita Williams A Space Bug That Can Infect The Respiratory System Has Been Found On The Space Station

Sunita Williams: The external environment contains bacteria and viruses. They attack when our immune system is weakened. Cause some kind of disease. We take medicines to protect ourselves from them. If the severity of the disease is high, injections are used. But does the same situation exist in space? Can bacteria thrive on a heavily armored space station? That means NASA is saying yes to these questions.. What happened so far..

Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams, along with eight other astronauts, recently flew to the space station. That mission, which was postponed many times, was finally successful. NASA, who was relieved by this, is now worried about a new problem. The reason for this is a space bug entering the space station. This means that Enterobacter bugandensis bacteria have entered the space station.

Space researchers concluded that this organism is multi-drug resistant. It has been announced that the bacteria can withstand the environment in the space station very efficiently. NASA researchers say that the bacteria should be called a superbug due to its multi-drug resistance. It is said that the bacteria directly invades the lungs of the astronauts and spreads rapidly no matter what measures are taken.

NASA scientists are predicting that superbugs are not created from time to time, they are not extraterrestrial beings, they will have traveled to the space station with the astronauts. There are 13 different strains of Enterobacterium bugum densis. These are being investigated by a team of NASA researchers. NASA has announced that many types of bacteria are self-sustaining. In other cases, scientists say that the bacteria help the other organisms to survive.

Kasturi Venkateswaran, who works at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, is studying these bacteria. Before joining NASA, he did his Masters in Microbiology from Annamalai University, Chennai. At that time, he discovered the multi-drug resistant Kalemila Pearsoni bug.. It was then that he revealed sensational things. However, it seems to be closely related to Bugum Densis. However, NASA scientists are of the opinion that the health of the astronauts will be damaged due to these bacteria.. The respiratory system will break down. However, NASA has not yet clarified what kind of drug therapy will be used for this. NASA said that the health of Sunita Williams and the rest of the astronauts is not good, but did not clarify what their condition is now. International media is broadcasting various stories on this. NASA needs to give a clarification on these.

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