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Taanakkaran Polisodu Review Polisodu Review A tear jerking film with atrocities

Taanakkaran Polisodu Review : The system is a combination of people.. that system directs the people.. those things are called values.. the society is running on the basis of those values.. paving the way for the future generations.. if all this is done properly no one will have much trouble.. but in this system there is something invisible to the eyes There are many faults..they stand as obstacles to the direction of the society..Tamil directors are masters in removing all such bonds..O Visaranai, Kaka Muttai, Vada Chennai, Asuran, Karnan, Pudu Pettai… The list goes on and on. All these are Movies that questioned the system.. Movies that brought to light the flaws in the system.. Rakshakbhatudu joins this list.. This movie is streaming on Disney Hot Star.

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Still in our society there is a craze for Khaki Koluvu.. Even in the movie, Anand (Vikram Prabhu) would love to have a police job.. Moreover, he wants to be a policeman following the last word given to his father.. After passing the constable exam, he comes to the police recruitment school for training. Along with him, some middle-aged men who were selected for police jobs less than 15 years ago and could not attend due to a court case will also attend the training. The atmosphere of Muthu Pandu (Madhusudan Rao) and Eswara Murthy (Lal) continues in the police recruitment school, which still follows British-era methods in police training. Anyone who resists will die.. Anand opposes misbehaving with new arrivals in the name of training.. Here the director shows as a sample how a common man gets angry at the flaws in the system. What did he do? What are his experiences in training? How he passed them and completed his police training is the rest of the story.

How is it?

As mentioned earlier, army and police training is subject to certain rules and regulations. The subject of what kind of challenges the candidates face is very small.. There are very few such stories and training episodes in Telugu Movies.. At that time there was a movie called Enemy with Victory Venkatesh as the Hero.. The movie has police training.. but it is limited to a short length.. The entire movie is police training. That means there are almost no pictures of police training. If this is shown for two and a half hours, it will be a documentary.. But director Tamil has shown that the subject can also be explored on screen with an interesting and loose narrative. As long as the policeman is watching, the interest of what is happening next keeps haunting the audience.. How was the police system formed before independence? The director who started the movie by telling the story of how the trainers… then went into the story in a short time.. With the initial scenes like Iswara Murthy and Muthu Pandu treating the trainees harshly from the very first scene, the audience will understand what the real story is.. But what kind of tests do the trainers give? The interest of how the protagonist and his peers will bear them starts in the audience.. Appropriately, the emotional scenes will stir the audience's mind.. Unable to overcome the strict restrictions imposed by the trainers, one person commits suicide, and the other one dies while running… The emotional endurance goes on. Even if you know that if you go against the trainers, you will be punished… As Anand does not step back to question them, the scenes between Muthu Pandu, Iswara Murthy and Anand are going on like you are me.

The story seems to go a bit sideways with the heroine track in the middle, but it doesn't affect the movie much. And the way the director questions about the corruption and bribery accumulated in the police system is amazing.. Based on these, the director wrote the famous scenes.. They put various questions in the middle of the audience.. The movie ends when the idea of ​​what is the best way to solve them.. As said before, if you want to make cult Movies, you have to study the society. . There is no stopping the stories coming from that society.. Such is this policeman.

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