BRS Social Media: What happened to BRS Social Media.. Cases in a row! | Telugu News


BRS Social Media: No matter what the newly formed Congress government in Telangana does, whatever decision CM Revanth Reddy takes, ...

YCP And BRS: Does YCP have to win for BRS to rise? | Telugu News


YCP And BRS: Movement party BRS in Telangana is making great efforts to preserve its existence. But there is a ...

KTR : Don't question during BRS regime.. Should question in Congress government itself.. KTR sir? | Telugu News


KTR : There is not much to say about democratic consolidation during BRS government. The people of Telangana have seen ...

BRS: Sorry BRS.. What has become of this? | Telugu News


BRS: BRS stands for Systematic Training. KCR and KTR said Veda in the party. Even though KCR was the Chief ...

CM Revanth Reddy: Revanth is going to shock BRS before the elections..! | Telugu News


CM Revanth Reddy: The Lok Sabha elections have reached the final stage. The crucial campaign phase will end on Saturday ...

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