Chiranjeevi: Chiruku Rajini's advice… That's why they get bumper offers! | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi: Mega star Chiranjeevi has been doing films with young directors lately. Young talent is encouraged. Even a small director ...

Chiranjeevi : Chiranjeevi next to the director… Huddle in the hearts of fans! | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi : Director Mehr Ramesh does not have a single blockbuster till date. There are huge disasters. He did two ...

Chiranjeevi – Bimbisara 2 : Is Bimbisara 2 stopped because of Chiranjeevi? What is the original matter? | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi – Bimbisara 2 : Chiranjeevi is the only one who has grown into a megastar in the industry, creating ...

Chiranjeevi: Do you know how many crores Chiranjeevi spent for one set in Vishwambhara..? | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi: Currently, all the senior heroes are busy doing films in a row. Megastar Chiranjeevi is a part of it, ...

Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi enters the field to support Pawan | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi: Will Megastar Chiranjeevi campaign for elections? Will you support your younger brother? Will he visit Pithapuram where he is ...

Chiranjeevi: Huge sketch behind Chiranjeevi's donation | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi cleared the confusion and confusion among Mega fans. By donating five crores to Janasena, it is as if ...

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