Revanth Reddy: This is the great decision taken by Revanth Reddy in Telangana Police | Telugu News


  Revanth Reddy: After Congress party came to power in Telangana, CM Revanth Reddy is taking many important decisions. They ...

Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan: Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan is another innovative decision | Telugu News


Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan: Whatever decision Pawan Kalyan takes… it will be a sensation. The coalition government won the election ...

CM Chandrababu: CII meeting: How destruction became AP.. What was Chandrababu's decision? | Telugu News


CM Chandrababu: Visakhapatnam: Chandrababu is trying hard to put the ruined AP in the groove. Staying away from the clamor, ...

Gautam Gambhir: The appointment of Gautam Gambhir as the coach of Team India will be announced.. Rahul Dravid's sensational decision.. Clarification to BCCI saying that I do not want them | Telugu News


Gautam Gambhir: Gautam Gambhir has been appointed as the coach of Team India. Last Tuesday, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah disclosed ...

Mahesh Babu: Namrata Jhalak for Mahesh Babu.. Renu Desai's star wife, an unexpected decision! | Telugu News


Mahesh Babu: There is a talk that Mahesh Babu is upset with Namrata Shirodkar's latest decision. Talk is heard that ...

Dharmana Prasad: Defeat as a lesson… Dharmana towards sensational decision? | Telugu News


Dharmana Prasad: Did that ex-minister take political asceticism? Did you leave politics after a terrible defeat? Feeling insulted? The answer ...

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