Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan who has changed his place.. now lives there | Telugu News


Pawan Kalyan: All key leaders in AP have their own constituencies. Chandrababu from Kuppam, Jagan from Pulivendula, Balakrishna from Hindupuram. ...

Barley Seeds Benefits: Benefits for poor people's lives… Do you know what this is? | Telugu News


Barley Seeds Benefits: Current food habits and changing life style are causing many problems. Lack of time, not taking proper ...

Chandrababu : If you want your lives to be ruined, vote for Telugu! Chandranna these dialogues! | Telugu News


Chandrababu : The election campaign in AP is reaching a fever pitch. The criticism of the leaders is crossing the ...

HCL Healthcare: Shocking news for IT employees.. Their lives are in danger | Telugu News


HCL Healthcare: Job IT is always engaged in work regardless of time. Even if there is no physical strain, there ...

Exercise: If people over 40 years do this exercise, it is dangerous.. they will lose their lives.. | Telugu News


Exercise: Exercise is good for health. Exercising daily keeps you active. In today's busy environment, people are neglecting their health. ...

Journalist Life: Ashok is not the same.. These are the lives of an average journalist | Telugu News


Journalist Life: The writing on the hand dictates our course. A journalist's writing reflects society. That is why society respects ...

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