NTR: Will NTR's dream come true in Devara matter..? Will he achieve that one and become a star hero..? | Telugu News


NTR: “Young Tiger NTR” who entered the industry as the successor of actor Nandamuri in the Telugu film industry, is ...

Chiranjeevi – Bimbisara 2 : Is Bimbisara 2 stopped because of Chiranjeevi? What is the original matter? | Telugu News


Chiranjeevi – Bimbisara 2 : Chiranjeevi is the only one who has grown into a megastar in the industry, creating ...

Mahesh Babu-Venkatesh: Mahesh-Venkatesh into new business… What is the matter..? | Telugu News


Mahesh Babu-Venkatesh: At present, all the star heroes in Telugu are doing this and that business while doing Movies. Many ...

Chaitu-Sam: Did Samantha threaten Chaitu before marriage? Matter that is shaking the social media! | Telugu News


Chaitu-Sam: Samantha – Naga Chaitanya was once a beautiful couple of Tollywood. They got married in 2018. Their wedding was ...

Siddu Jonnalagadda: Mahesh Babu's defeat at the hands of Siddu… What is the matter..? | Telugu News


Siddu Jonnalagadda: Currently, young heroes are engaging the audience by making films with good concepts. In the film industry, regardless ...

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