Pakistan: Troubles again in Pakistan.. Those prices increased in the middle of the night.. Citizens are in pain. | Telugu News


Pakistan : Pakistan, which has been suffering from economic crisis for a long time, has failed to provide relief to ...

India VS Pakistan: The Pakistan Cricket Board is so torn. | Telugu News


India VS Pakistan: The ongoing cold war between BCCI and PCB regarding the management of the ICC Champions Trophy is ...

Champions Trophy : Blow the flute in front of the deer.. not in front of the BCCI.. How much do you care about Pakistan? | Telugu News


Champions Trophy : What happens if a ram crashes into a hill with steep horns? The head will explode. The ...

Cricket News : Pakistan team doesn't even look like ours.. Raging at this level? : The video went viral | Telugu News


India Legends VS Pakistan Legends: No matter this format in cricket.. If Pakistan is the opponent team, India will be ...

India Champions VS Pakistan Champions : Pak is enough.. The hearts will rise.. They will win the cup.. The same happened in the Championship of Legends cricket tournament. | Telugu News


India Champions VS Pakistan Champions Pakistan.. Just hearing this name will increase the enthusiasm of our cricketers. In the recent ...

Babar Azam: Amoy Babar.. Do you know the difference between cutters and swing.. Pakistan captain who lost izzat on social media | Telugu News


Babar Azam: Cricketers should know more about cricket terminology than cricket watchers. Otherwise the honor will be lost. Pakistan captain ...

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