Venkataramana Reddy: That is the only real news game in the Sakshi paper.. Andhra Jyoti admitted.. | Telugu News


Venkataramana Reddy: Newspapers used to highlight the problems of the society. Publishes news without politics. Only facts are given to ...

CM Revanth Reddy: CM Revanth gave a big shock to celebrities in drug cases! | Telugu News


CM Revanth Reddy: CM Revanth Reddy ordered the police to clamp down on ganja and drugs. He advised the officers ...

Malla Reddy: Revanth showing love to Malla Reddy..! That is the real reason..! | Telugu News


Malla Reddy: Everyone knows what level of authority former minister Chamakura Malla Reddy displayed in the BRS government. BRS Working ...

CM Revanth Reddy: Revanth will be happy if Congress takes power! | Telugu News


CM Revanth Reddy: The leaders of that party have been expressing hope for a few days that India alliance is ...

CM Revanth Reddy: Sensation in August.. Telangana CM Revanth another big bomb? | Telugu News


CM Revanth Reddy: It seems that Telangana CM Revanth Reddy, who is showing his mark within six months of coming ...

Vijaysai Reddy: Ramojina is the target.. Vijaysai entered the media field.. | Telugu News


Vijaysai Reddy: Media mogul Ramoji Rao. He is leading a successful journey by stepping into the field of journalism. He ...

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