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And will Pawan Kalyan take this self-confidence program on his shoulders?

TDP – Janasena alliance : 25 seats for Janasena?

TDP – Janasena alliance : Anyone who forms political parties is for power. No one will agree if you say this directly. Moreover, they lecture on community service, welfare of poor people, problem solving and social justice. Even if there are elections, the real form of political parties will not be understood. That is what we are talking about now. On March 14, 2014, an actor named Pawan Kalyan started a party called Janasena in united Andhra Pradesh. A few days after the launch of the party, with the election in AP, Chandrababu declared his support for the BJP alliance there. The leaders who joined the Janasena party with a lot of hopes felt that Pawan Kalyan's first decision was very difficult. Well, in the interests of the divided Andhra Pradesh, the then leaders did not accept Pawan Kalyan's words. He declared support for TDP. As a result, the TDP-BJP alliance won that election. When Pawan Kalyan mentioned to Chandrababu about the goals of establishing the Janasena party, he refused. Even the peasants who eventually gave land to the capital were ignored. The controversy between TDP and Janasena started when Pawan Kalyan responded to their problems. It eventually came down to personal criticism. Taking this first as a lesson, the leaders of the Jana Sena took turns.

In the 2019 elections, the Jana Sena entered the field in alliance with the Communist Party and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party. This time he won one seat and became a sensation. Pawan Kalyan who contested in two seats lost. Even then, the Janasena leaders expressed their satisfaction with Pawan Kalyan's fighting style.. They said that there is no turning back if the people are among them.. They said that they will come to power at least once.. Moreover, they celebrated Pawan Kalyan fighting against the government They were proud to be among the people. But whenever Chandrababu Naidu was arrested in the skill development case..He was under investigation in Rajahmundry Jail..Pawan Kalyan supported him..Jana Sena leaders said that they are contesting together in the next election. They did not understand what their leader was doing and they were in agony.

Pawan Kalyan bowed to the decision as he could not accept the leader's words. It is still not clear how many of AP's 175 seats will be allocated to Jana Sena. What floats forever is not ending yet. It will be ten years since the party was formed by March 14. And the leaders have no answer to the question of what the party has done during these 10 years. It is not known whether the leaders who are sticking to Pawan Kalyan will get the seats in the next election.. That means that roughly the matter of allocating seats is in Chandrababu's hands. His pro media is writing that Jana Sena is seeking only 25 seats. At least Pawan Kalyan is aware of this matter.. And if the Janasena party is limited to 25 seats like this.. this time also the workers of that party should remain as flag-carrying laborers as alleged by the YCP leaders.. Pawan Kalyan should remain only a boy carrying the palanquin? It is difficult to get an answer to these questions. However, the self-confidence of the Jana Sena leaders is waning day by day. And will Pawan Kalyan take this self-confidence program on his shoulders?


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