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Janasena leaders say that Pawan Kalyan Gampedu has pinned his hopes on Chandrababu's decision. They are worried about what he will do in a minute.

Chandrababu : Chandrababu raised his hands

Chandrababu : Day by day the face of AP elections is getting interesting. On the other hand, Jagan intensified his election campaign. People of AP are being beaten up by saying Siddama. Candidates are announced. Candidates who are not going to win anyway are being sent out ruthlessly. Those who come out like that are joining TDP or Jana Sena. The TDP leaders and its pro-media are beating drumbeats after seeing the arrivals. But no one can sense what is happening in the field. Apart from this, seat distribution and other matters regarding the alliance of Jana Sena and TDP are not coming to a conclusion. Generally there is a rumor that Chandrababu Naidu does not decide anything quickly. Both the parties have not made a clear announcement about the seats so far. Besides this, Lokesh is missing. No one is telling where he went. In this background, both TDP leaders and Janasena leaders were in a frenzy. Will actual seats be dispatched? If it happens how many seats will be allotted to Jana Sena? And what is the preference for those who do not get seats? There is no one to answer the questions.

YCP has already conducted many surveys. It has been announced that tickets will be given only to candidates who win in AA constituencies. In the case of the others, it was smoked or smoked. This inevitably led to the situation where they had to vacate the party. In this context, YCP will be able to breathe freely before the elections. Jagan's appointment is getting only to those who are given seats. Others are not allowed inside the Tadepalli Palace. In general, these developments are shown in a magnifying glass by the pro-TDP media. But the TDP media is hiding the fact that they will win the elections only if they are honest like this. In neighboring Telangana, Jagan saw what happened when KCR confidently gave tickets to sittings, so he did not indulge in such experiments. Jagan said without saying that there will be a similar trend in the case of parliamentary seats. And a survey company called Jan Mat has said that YCP will come back to power in AP.. and in this background there are allegations that Chandrababu is failing to change the situation in his favor. It is heard that the composition of the candidates has not yet been decided. Although meetings after meetings are going on, it seems that no resolution has been reached on any matter. In the end even the green media is not able to cover this and is struggling. YCP leaders in AP, who are carefully examining these developments, have criticized the alliance of Janasena and TDP.

It is being questioned how many times Pawan Kalyan will sacrifice for Chandrababu. Everyone knows what kind of honor the TDP leaders gave to Pawan Kalyan if he sacrificed in 2014. They are reminding that there are reports that only 25 seats will be given in the current election. Pawan Kalyan is alleging that he is pledging the sentiments of Jana Sena Party workers to Chandrababu for his political future. They prophesy that Chandrababu won't settle the issue of seats even by the time of election.. Then the Janasena party will be cheated. YSP leaders say that Pawan Kalyan does not understand that Chandrababu has now lifted the yoke. They are reminding us that YCP got rid of a corrupt person like Balashauri… but it is a big mistake to join such people in Janasena party. With each criticism, the politics of AP heated up.. But in the matter of seats, the comments are being heard that Chandrababu has not reached a decision. On the other hand, Janasena leaders say that Pawan Kalyan Gampedu has pinned his hopes on Chandrababu's decision. They are worried about what he will do in a minute.


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